At the beginning of July, we announced the launch of the “Startup Of The Month”, an operation in collaboration with CB News aimed at highlighting a young startup every month. The teams of CWT Advertising & co’m and CB News had selected for this first issue LikeLunch and Visiotalent, you voted in mass for Likelunch on our Facebook page, it is therefore this young startup who has the honor to inaugurate our section Startup Of The Month…

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I give the floor to Manon Querejeta, Digital Marketing manager at LikeLunch to present this application to us. To find the application, go to the site.

5 questions to the startup “LikeLunch”

Hello Manon, can you introduce LikeLunch to us?

Developed on May 21 by Frédéric Buron, CEO of AppsYouGo, LikeLunch is a professional social network in its own right. This innovative application revisits the break already for a unique convivial moment through geolocated business meetings. Available on Apple Store and Google Play, LikeLunch is a 100% networking application allowing you to fill up on ideas through exchanges and feedback, all in a good mood! So, all on your smartphones, ready? LikeLunchez!

How it works ?

LikeLunch allows you to meet professionals geographically close to you, thanks to its geolocation system. In one click, you can choose the person you are interested in and invite them to lunch. You can then select the meeting place (cafe, restaurant) according to your wishes, then program a date. These choices can be accepted or modified by your guest. Finally, once the invitation has been validated on both sides, you will be able to chat privately via the LikeLunch integrated chat in a friendly and safe environment. You too can transform your free time into a rich moment of sharing!

The goal?

Network, exchange, share a moment around an idea, a project and maximize the business opportunities available to you as well as the chances of doing business … LikeLunch is also characterized by the inexistence of constraints such that the inscription on the social media. As such, it facilitates the transition from the virtual to the real. With LikeLunch, you no longer need to be in contact with professionals to discuss and meet, LikeLunch makes the link directly by offering a complete, intuitive and very easy to use service. Frédéric Buron, creator of LikeLunch, started from the following premise: “Today, we share our life on Facebook, our photos on Instagram, our car with BlaBlaCar or our home with AirBnB. So why not share a lunch break with someone close to us for whom the term networking takes on its full meaning? ”

How did the idea for this project come about?

It was while looking for a company on the web that Frédéric Buron made a surprising discovery. The company in question was located in La Rochelle, in the same city as AppsYouGo. Yes, the world is small!

He immediately wished to meet the Director. “Today we are partners and proud of it. A simple meeting followed by lunch was enough to reflect on the opportunities available to us in the context of our respective professions. Confirms Frédéric Buron.

What are the news / news from your startup in the coming months?

The LikeLunch network is gradually growing and we are delighted. Also, LikeLunch is evolving and getting a makeover in September! The application will be completely redesigned to facilitate navigation and the experience. LikeLunch will drop the current credit system (necessary to send and accept invitations) in order to be totally free. In addition, you will be able to perform advanced searches by person, by company, as you wish. In short, a whole bunch of clever new features just for you! It is thanks to the enthusiasm of the LikeLunch community but also thanks to your feedback, thanks and encouragement that we wanted to offer you a new version. Also note that LikeLunch will be available in English!

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