▷ LinkedIn fights Covid-19 in its own way 2020 Guide -

After Burger King and its quarantine recipes, Instagram and its stickers, or Google and the April Fool, LinkedIn is fighting in its own way against the Covid-19 pandemic. The professional social network now offers free job offers to organizations in urgent need of staff, paid or voluntary …


Opportunities for professionals and job seekers

35%. This is the increase registered by Linkedin in terms of job offers in the health sector since the start of the health crisis linked to the Coronavirus. To fight the pandemic, he decided to offer free job offers in the 1er April to June 30, 2020 to eligible organizations providing health care and certain essential services.

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The organizations concerned are those that affect the sector:

  • Medical care (hospitals, medical professions, clinics, medico-psychological care, medical equipment);
  • Large distribution (supermarket, hypermarket);
  • Storage;
  • Freight and delivery.

The offers published in these sectors will also obtain the special category “Urgent hiring”, while an additional option is offered to filter the candidates available immediately.

Finally, a program is dedicated to non-profit and / or government organizations that are urgently looking for volunteers or talents paid specifically during this Coronavirus health crisis.