Sponsored links – Loading time of landing pages soon taken into account in the Adwords algorithm – March 11, 2008

Google has announced that the loading time of landing pages will soon be taken into account for the calculation of the quality score. This therefore makes an additional indicator to watch for optimizing campaigns …

Google indicates that this indicator is not yet taken into account (no date announced). At launch, Google will first indicate the loading time just as an indication. A few weeks later, it will be included in theclassification algorithm.

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Up to now, all of the leversoptimization of an Adwords campaign had only a marketing aspect. By adding this indicator in the calculation of quality score, Google adds a technical aspect in campaign optimization. Who say technical aspect, say modification on the site and intervention of the IT services of the advertisers where a complexity for the management of the campaigns.

Google is expected to communicate on this topic in the coming weeks.

Source : Seroundtable.