▷ Loss of files: don't panic here is a solution to easily recover your files 2020 -

It often happens that you are faced with the loss of important documents, files or photos. This is something that happens when you accidentally delete files, or if the hard drive has been corrupted. Well ! If this happens to you, don’t be totally desperate in thinking that they are unrecoverable. There are free data recovery software out there today that can solve your problem effectively. Just install one to recover all your data.

To help you here
Ease US Data Recovery Wizard that we tested for you.

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professional EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software.

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The software
data recovery is software that allows restoration of
all your data deleted, lost, corrupted or inaccessible.

Certainly some
people can tell themselves they don’t need it because they do
backups of their important files regularly to avoid this

But it’s not
always obvious since you can delete a file inadvertently or at
because of a hard drive failure.

And this is where data recovery software comes in. Now let’s talk more mainly about the Ease US Data Recovery Wizard software. This is software that gives you the ability to recover a deleted file without great difficulty, regardless of the type.

It has the
latest technologies that allow fast and efficient restoration of
data. Basic exploitable under Windows, there is also a version
for Mac. Ease US Data Recovery Wizard exists in free version and


Here are the main ones
Benefits of Ease US:

Smart Assistant : Available online, the smart assistant searches for and recovers lost or corrupted files from your computer or storage devices. Data recovery is done quickly;

Intuitive and easy to use interface : you are guided through all stages of recovery;

Multitasking backup tool : all kinds of data can be saved for later recovery (files, applications, operating systems, workstations, servers, etc.);

∙ Automatic backup option ;

Preview functionyour audio and video files before they are recovered;


Its use is
very simple. After installing it, you can recover your data in 3 steps:

It’s your turn ! To test go here.

Article written in collaboration with EaseUS