When we say lower cost, it doesn’t mean free. Any professional action, whatever it is, inevitably generates a budget for a professional in order to convey an equally professional image. I therefore propose in this article actions that will allow you to make yourself known for a minimum budget …

When you want to develop your brand image, you have to be available, have a minimum budget and remain objective and realistic in the face of your claims. Once these criteria are fulfilled and integrated, you will be ready to climb the path of notoriety, here are some inevitable steps.

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Have a real graphic identity

The logotype is the first element to create for a good brand image. The only representation of your know-how, it must reflect your image, your company, your qualities. It must therefore be remarkable and above all unique. If there is one element that should not be overlooked, it is this one, because it is from this representation of your brand that all other media will emerge as well as the tone of the editorial content.

The types of media to favor

Today, a professional has 2 identities distinct from his brand image: the “print” identity which concerns all of the printed media (therefore paper), and the digital identity which groups the website and other actions on the web like social networks, blogging…

I therefore suggest that you now see the essentials of each category that you will need to develop.

The irreplaceable “paper” to establish your “public” notoriety

Although we live in a digital age, paper is still very present. It is one of the only communication tools on which any target is based to estimate the (qualitative) value of a professional. So these must-haves should not be overlooked.

Visit cards

The imponderable support that concludes any interview. Your business cards are the only promotional item that prospects will keep and take out when needed. Your professional image cannot do without these little boxes.

The promotional brochure

Whatever its format and what it will present, it is also very important for your notoriety. It will present your skills in detail and it remains – it too – a tangible tool unlike ephemeral digital media that do not make an impression. In addition, it is often put in a drawer (and not thrown away) in companies to be consulted during new projects. It is therefore a significant bias for the development of your reputation.

Again, its format and content will be as varied as your creativity, which will provide you with an important source of differentiation, often necessary to make a difference in your market.

Digital tools at your disposal

To increase awareness, it is nowadays inevitable to have a digital identity. This one goes through various supports, of which I invite you to discover the most important.

The website

Having a website is mandatory today. 80% of searches are done by search engines. Not having a site is equivalent to not existing. In my opinion, this is the second compulsory expense to make yourself known.

Having a virtual showcase will allow you visibility that no other medium will bring you and which is nowadays sought after. It will demonstrate and convey your skills as well as the quality of your work. It can remain very simple and didactic, or be on the contrary an axis of development in its own right for your fame.

For the budget, count a few hundred euros to be simple, efficient and above all professional.


The communication of a company goes through a rich and interesting content. One of the vectors widely used today is the blog. Suffice to say that a site without blog will have less visibility whatsoever with its audience than on the internet. It promotes your expertise and therefore increases the visibility of your brand. The advantage is that apart from knowledge and time, this tool will cost you nothing more.

Social media

Social networks have gradually entered the corporate communication strategy. Initially simple relay of information in order to accentuate its referencing or its presence on the web, they have now become a full-fledged tool of marketing strategy. Whether in the form of monitoring, customer support, earning leads (future prospects), a social media strategy is a real guarantee of quality and commitment for a company.

Although it is necessary to structure a clear and precise editorial charter by focusing the discourse on and for customers and / or prospects, networks are a good way to develop your notoriety at a lower cost – absolutely for free – but an investment in advertising is almost compulsory today for a good diffusion of its brand.

Other means of communication

So there are as many solutions as your mind can create, so don’t limit yourself only to the ones I offer. Innovating in your field while respecting its codes to stand out will always be beneficial. In any case, here are other possibilities that will allow you good visibility.

Press and public relations

When you are a good speaker, there is no doubt that journalistic media will give you unparalleled visibility and, above all, quality. Thanks to inaugurations or other press releases allowing you to present your products, this strategic axis is not reserved only for large companies. If you feel confident enough, you could gain a lot by going through this often underused channel.


Offering your knowledge through training that you provide is also a very good way to increase your notoriety with the public of your choice. If your skills allow, do not hesitate to offer them. Thus, you will increase the quality of your expertise while offering your customers a support which they do not think of and for which they have aids which they use only too little.

Vehicle trim

Not yet widely used, this practice is however the best quality / price ratio you can find to significantly increase your visibility: your advertising (on vehicle) will be seen approximately 200,000 times a month! (from the moment you use your vehicle in a minimum “classic” manner). With a memorization rate of 80%, in my opinion, this communication tool is an asset for the development of your notoriety.

Word of mouth

Often forgotten, it will however be your first channel of notoriety. In addition, it is really the best advertising given that it incorporates a strong qualitative dimension. Word of mouth in principle works on recommendation. It will therefore allow you not only to make yourself known, but also to develop the qualitative image of your business.

In conclusion

Here is a non-exhaustive list of actions that you can take to develop your reputation with your different targets. Be aware that the more you characterize the level of detail, the more important will be the impact of your communication. In other words, if in addition you adapt the solutions proposed to your targets, touch them with different messages and by different vectors, find which medium meets which target, and personalize your speech so that it responds precisely to their problems. Your notoriety rate can then increase considerably.