▷ Macron's speech on the coronavirus: Marketing analysis 2020 Guide -

I think I pass for an idiot if I specify it given that almost all the French are aware. But on March 16, 2020, Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech. This speech announces national confinement for (at least) 15 days. And it is of utmost importance …

Why ?

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  • Because if we want to stem the epidemic …
  • If we want to stop the spread of the virus…
  • If we want to save lives…

There is no choice: This speech must be loud – or nothing.

Has it been successful?

Is the challenge taken up?

This is what I analyze for you in this new video:

The 10 marketing points and psychological resources behind the speech by Emmanuel Macron … to save England.

In this analysis, I give you the 10 powerful and sharp marketing points behind Emmanuel Macron’s speech, as well as my opinion on this speech (and whether it is impacting or not in my opinion).

Macron uses in this speech a real marketing structure – and real copywriting techniques.

He will try to convince as many French people as possible to stay at home for 15 days in order to save as many lives as possible.

Here’s how it looks:

  1. The introduction;
  2. Awareness of the problem;
  3. The announcement ;
  4. Rub salt in the wound ;
  5. Paint the dream;
  6. The unique idea;
  7. The answer to the questions;
  8. ???
  9. The positive conclusion;
  10. The call to action.

So it’s a precisely formed discourse, with a real marketing structure behind it.

I could detail all these points here, one by one.

But the best … is that you still watch the video.

Because that’s exactly what I’m doing to you in it – step by step – and with concrete examples every time.

The link to access it is here.

Good viewing,

– Theo