When the Mad Men series came out, it made writers sexy again. What’s true: Donal Draper is dark, mysterious and powerful. He is able to dismiss a whole team from his office with the back of his hand, just because he is in a bad mood …

He’s a creative genius too, who lays down on her couch, drinks a glass of whiskey, and creates the perfect slogan that will grab the attention of all of America.

It makes it all cool.

In fact, each of the characters in the series does. Peggy, Don, and even Roger, who does nothing more than go around in circles and place a little joke from time to time in the last episodes.

But it’s not just them … it’s their job.

Sitting down to think about the perfect advertisement has a certain charm.

Then, once they have that perfect ad in hand, they have to convince their customers to spend a crazy amount of money on their ideas. And if the machine is well oiled, millions of people fall in love with the products being advertised. These millions of people buy them, and industries become multinational billionaires, their name entering the history of consumption.

The best part is that they can do it all with words. Seriously, how cool is this? You write something, you publish it, and you change the world.

Let me tell you one thing: you may not know it, but it’s all more familiar to you than you think. Let’s navigate through the series to find some interesting quotes … I’ll show you that the principles of Mad Men apply to both blogging and advertising.

The big idea

“A slogan is nothing when you have a great idea. “- Peggy Olsen

Spend some time with any professional writer, and you will notice that these people are fabulous collectors of ideas. They are constantly reading, listening, watching, looking for the next moment “Eureka! “.

They know that when they find this great idea, packaging it will be simple. They can dress it up with a slogan, a title, and find a domain name in a matter of hours.

Fans take the opposite route. They worry so much about their domain name, title and slogan that they go around in circles, never finding a real great idea.

The truth is, all of these things are just wrapping paper. What really matters is the gift. This is what is inside.

Focus on your big idea, and the rest will take care of it on its own.

Dig for inspiration

“A new idea is something they don’t know yet, so of course it’s not going to show itself like that, as a ready-made option. “- Don Draper

Where to find these good ideas, which make the good articles?

It’s tempting to look around your theme and your niche, and say “Hey, everything that’s important has already been said. What else is left? ”

Well, nothing actually … but that’s the whole point. Good ideas are not right there, lying on the ground, waiting for you to pick them up. You have to search to find them.

You have to read books. You have to listen to people. And yes, you even have to watch series (I am writing this article at 3 am, after having followed up on two episodes of Mad Men).

The key is to be ready to do the job. The ground may be full of buried treasures, but you should be ready to grab a shovel and start digging.

Sure it’s hard, but if you’re ready to do it, you’ll never run out of good ideas. Seriously, there is a whole ocean of great ideas at your feet. You just have to dive.

Do nothing

“I will never get used to the fact that most of the time it’s like you are doing nothing. “- Roger Sterling

When you’re a writer (and a blogger is a writer), sitting by the pool and reading a book is part of your job.

Of course, it’s relaxing. Of course you appreciate. Of course, you feel a little guilty about doing it.

But if you stop, what happens? I’ll tell you: your creativity will dry up like a puddle in the middle of a dodger, your work will become bland, and you will lose all interest.

So stop being ashamed of it.

Personally, I spend at least 2-3 hours a day reading books, listening to podcasts, watching TED conferences…

I also spend time doing nothing and thinking, sometimes.

What if someone asks me what I’m doing? I answer that I work. Because it is.

The fear

“Fear stimulates my imagination. “- Don Draper

Sometimes it is hard to convince your mind and brain that fear is a good thing.

If you’re scared, it means you’re working on something important. If you are scared, it means that you are pushing yourself and learning new things. If you’re scared, it means you have a reason to act.

How many stories have you heard about entrepreneurs who were broke and who had to succeed with their business and be successful, or would they starve? It is not a coincidence.

If you don’t put a gun on your temple, then you probably won’t do much. So put a gun on your temple. Intentionally.

For every day you don’t write 1000 words, donate € 100 to a political party that you despise. If you can’t find the time to turn your blog into a real business, it’s time to force yourself. Deliberately place your important tasks in the morning or your appointments with your clients in the morning, at 8 am, so that you have to get up.

For my part, I was a second year business student when I started to discover this world of web marketing.

At the end of the year, I decided to stop it all, and give myself a year to gather an audience and generate income from my blog. It’s the principle of sabotaging your safety net.

Of course it’s hard. Of course it is dangerous. Of course it’s scary.

But that’s what makes it work, and it’s what keeps me developing my blog on the right track, while attracting more and more customers.

The red wire

“You want to be in the minds of certain people. And others don’t. “- Roger Sterling

Have you ever thought about what kind of people you wanted to have on your blog?

And perhaps most importantly, have you ever thought about what kind of people you DON’T want to have on your blog?

To please everyone is to please anyone. And you know you have to try to attract a certain category of people, that you have to nest your blog. But there’s actually one more step above that smart bloggers are practicing: that of attraction-repulsion.

Bloggers who use it don’t just ignore their bad prospects. They exclude them.

They publish articles that they do not like intentionally. They ignore their emails. They do not respond to their comments.

In fact, it’s all about focusing your attention on the people you can help. But it is also important to designate your tribe. No one wants to be part of a group of people that anyone can join.

By excluding the wrong people, you make the experience of joining your group even more valuable to the right people. No, it doesn’t have to be pretty, but that’s how human nature works.

And that’s why I say at the outset on my blog that I don’t want wankers who want to get rich with their blog by working only 4 hours a week for example.

By doing this, I increase my chances of attracting only the right people… that is, bloggers who are willing to work hard to turn their site into a business, in order to make a living from it.

If you are that kind of blogger, you are welcome to my site. If not ? Don’t even bother to come.

The product that people can’t stop buying

“People bought cigarettes long before Freud was born. “- Don Draper

Quick quiz. What is the best :

  1. Start a blog about a topic whose you are you interested, and try to convince the whole world to listen to you?
  2. Start a blog about a topic that everyone world is interested, and try to convince you to write about it?

If you chose answer B, congratulations. It is the right answer.

Without even realizing it, most people choose answer A. They start a blog on a topic they want to write about, and use all the psychological levers to get people to read their blog.

And sometimes it works. If you’re a good enough marketer, you can attract people to just about any blog or product, no matter how bad it is.

But why look noon to two o’clock?

People don’t buy cigarettes because of marketing. They buy them because they are there addicted. The state has to come out of the millions to get people to Stop smoking, and despite that, the companies that make cigarettes continue to make billions of euros.

On the one hand, it’s scary, but on the other hand, it’s just smart business. The best type of product is the one that people can’t help but buy.

Can you say the same about your blog? Is your content so important that your readers can’t help but read it?


“You are not good enough at bonding relationships because you do not value them enough. “- Roger Sterling

I’m sick and tired of seeing all these marketers praising social media as if it’s the absolute way to get free traffic to their blog.

Yes, it works … for a while. Yes, it can be useful … for a while. Yes, you have some likes and RT… for a while.

But at one point or another, it snaps. Always.

Here’s why: These traffic numbers on your Google Analytics account or social media accounts are not just numbers. Those are people.

You have to realize it. You have to treat them like humans. And you have to well treat them. Horror horrors, you may even have to interact with them.

Because if you don’t, they’ll go away.

So the next time you’re at your desk writing a blog post, imagine a stadium full of people. Imagine standing in the middle of all these people. Feel the anxiety in your stomach, like you have to put on the show.

Then ask yourself: what could you say that is worthy of the attention of more than 100,000 people?

Whatever it is, that’s exactly what you should be writing. And nothing else.


“Advertising is based on one thing: joy. “- Don Draper

If you want to have a popular blog with a committed audience, you need to focus on one thing: make your readers happy.

Of course, producing high quality content is important. As does bonding with your readers.

But that’s not what will turn your readers into rabid fans, who will religiously read all the articles you publish, and who will talk about your blog around them for the rest of their lives.

To have this kind of reaction, you have to write articles that affecting people.

Give them a reason to laugh. A reason to celebrate. A reason to keep fighting, even when they think all hope is lost.

Do that, and you won’t have to search for readers … they will be THEY looking for you.

One day you will turn on your computer to find hundreds, if not thousands, of readers waiting for you. Ready to learn, ready to listen to you, ready to take action.

And that’s when you realize it: you are no longer a simple writer. Word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, you change the world.

Maybe you’re like Don, lying on a couch, pouring yourself a glass of bourbon… or maybe you aren’t. But in any case, you have to admit it …

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