▷ Make money through sponsorship 2020 Guide -

There are a multitude of ways to earn money on the internet, but some are more or less accessible to beginners. So today I decided to show you how can you earn money through sponsorship...

Indeed, you may have already tried to earn money on the internet, but you have not succeeded, or indeed you do not know how to do it, and it is true that it is not necessarily obvious when you are a beginner to know the right strategies.

We are going to see in practice how can you earn money easily and quickly and build you a additional income. And you’ll see that it’s within everyone’s reach. Then, you can earn a lot more if you want by “scaling” your business.

In fact, this activity of marketing sponsorship and membership does not require skills or prior experience, nor is there any initial financial investment. So it’s a great way to earn money online no matter where you live.

The principle of sponsorship is very simple: you recommend a product or service to someone, and in return you get a sponsorship bonus. Your godson, meanwhile, receives a welcome bonus (online banking) or credit on the application, for example 3 at Igraal.

Online banking sponsorship

Among the best plans for earn money on the net, online banks are definitely worth a visit! The sponsorship bonuses they offer are attractive (sometimes 80, 100, 120 euros!) And allow you, if you make it your main activity, to be able to make a living from it.

In a previous article, I showed you how you can earn € 420 / week with Monèse, one of my neobanks. And yet … Monèse is not the most generous in terms of sponsorship bonuses!

Sponsorship Program

Online banks all (or almost all) have a referral program that will allow you to create a online business with this activity. Signing up for an online bank is free, so it doesn’t cost you anything, and on top of that, you’ll earn money!

It’s much, much more interesting than earning three francs six cents by completing surveys that will take you hours and hours…

Compared to a traditional bank, you have no account maintenance fees, the card is free as well as all current operations.

N26 online banking

Why is N26 the best online bank? Because almost everything is free at home and it offers very interesting advantages for travelers, in particular since you have no costs abroad using your bank card.

Be careful though to carry out at least 1 card transaction per month with, if not, they take you inactivity fees.

On N26, you can create as many accounts as you want. Just go to the “account” menu and click on the “+” in a blue circle. In “My account”, you find your IBAN. Normally, it is accepted everywhere, the problems of acceptance of foreign RIB being resolved.

Another very interesting point about N26: you can change your PIN code on your card in real time! So don’t worry about loss or theft… and of course, you can lock your card at any time from the app.

Another feature that I find very interesting: it is the “spaces”, these are actually sub-accounts that you can create, for example to deposit your savings.

Sponsorship N26

On N26, you can earn money with your referral link, by recommending the bank around you. So, using the Sponsorship Program from N26, you will receive a sponsorship bonus and the person you sponsor will receive a welcome bonus.

Thus, by going through your link, the person will not only be able to open their account very easily in 5 minutes without paperwork, but also receive their welcome bonus!

In general, online banks sponsorship bonuses are included between 50 and 150 € per person, and welcome bonuses between 80 € and 180 €.

At N26 – which is a neobank and not an online bank – and depending on the current offer, the sponsorship bonus is less generous, but still attractive: € 15 per person.

If you want to register with N26, here is my referral link: cedrica3217

How to recruit referrals with your referral link?

What you can already do, and which will not take you a lot of time, is to sign your messages referral link on Gmail:

signing your messages in Gmail

Of course, do the same thing by signing your topics on the discussion forums if you frequent some … like that, every time you post on the forum, your link will appear automatically.

On YouTube, put your referral link in the description of the video, so people can sign up.

Promote its sponsorship programs

It is not always easy to find ideas for promote their referral links. Of course, there are Facebook groups, which are a great recruiting channel. If you have a blog, you can also place a banner in the side column or in the header if your theme allows it.

But the best part is to create content related to the product or service you are promoting. For example, by writing an article or a video in which you give advice on the product, you can explain how it works and the advantages in a tutorial…

If you want to find interesting sponsorship programs, here are two sites on which you will find many offers in all areas and on which you can register to retrieve your link:

Now, if you want to know more about the means available to you to earn money through sponsorship, as well as membership, here is a training course for beginners, regardless of the country where they live and that will allow you to start a profitable business on the internet. It is currently on sale at 17 € for a few days only …

The practical approach to succeed on the internet

It will allow you to earn your first additional income at least 1000 €, and more by scaling your business.