For it to be effective, a business communication must not only be mastered, it must also be shared by its driving forces: the employees. Hence the importance of internally disseminating a true visual culture that is not limited to an email signature or an A4 poster above the desks!

For any business, from VSE to multinational, visual communication has become essential. First, because it makes it easy and effective to deliver a message to an audience that remembers 80% of what they see, versus 20% of what they read. Then, because she is the first guaranteeing a brand identity and a singularity : a company is no longer unique in its offer, but also in the way it presents and tells itself.

Remember that the employees of a company are its best ambassadors. Addressing their customers or their network of professionals working in the sector, they also create trust: thus, the content shared by an employee would motivate 8 times more interactions (likes, comments, shares, etc.) than those disseminated by the official communication of a company. More than ever, bet on your teams!

Material resources …

First of all, you need to equip your employees with all the useful resources, that is to say those found on external communication media and on product / service presentations. By thus proposing a graphical charter and one communication kit accessible to all, you allow everyone to appropriate and use logos, visuals, photos, videos, etc. previously validated. An effective way to ensure consistency and quality of communication : working documents, presentations, files, etc.

It is also necessary that your employees are trained in the meaning and use of this communication through practical tutorials and / or learning new tools: graphics software (Photoshop) or presentation (Prezi, Bunkr, Sway); design applications (Can go) ; selection and integration of visuals; video montage, etc.

Once equipped and convinced of the value of these visual resources, employees become more likely to have regular and relevant use of them. And your customers will soon see the difference!

… To human resources

In order to co-build with your employees the visual identity of your company, do not hesitate to make them responsible by using their creativity. So do not hesitate to collect their ideas and comments through surveys or think tanks whether physical, informal or even via a collaborative platform (Google docs for example).

But also and above all, give them the opportunity to embody your messages by valuing their own contributions : they can take the form of graphic creations, of photo reports, of video testimonials or even portraits each of which gives a human dimension to the company.

As an example, Cisco and its photo “stories” achieved an interesting balance between training and contribution of his collaborators. The company first made its employees aware of the rules of use of the Instagram social network before inviting them to stage themselves under the signature #WeAreCisco. Today, employees produce and distribute their own content on Snapchat and Instagram every day, and are, in fact, the most sincere and credible image of their business.

An initiative which reconciles both the culture of a brand concerned with disseminating its values; that of its public, increasingly exposed to the image; and that of its employees, who remain its primary ambassadors.