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Already 6 issues for our “Startup of the month” operation in partnership with CB News. This month you have selected Value Your Network, a platform for connecting brands with influencers through a win-win partnership. Brands benefit from visibility and recommendations, influencers monetize their passion. Discover this concept as well as the potential of the “long tail” of influencers …

3 questions to the startup “Value Your Network”

Hello Bertrand, can you present Value Your Network to us?

Value Your Network is a Social Media platform which lets you publicize a service, a novelty, an application, an event … very quickly on social networks, on the principle of word of mouth. How? ‘Or’ What ? Value Your Network connects advertisers with “everyday influencers” who create and share their messages for brands, on their social networks with their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram communities … and are paid for it.

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The concept has already won over brands like Kerastase, Passionata, Renault, Orange, Petit Bateau and Voyage Privé.

To date, the cumulative audience on social networks Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram of influencers registered on Value Your Network exceeds 7 million people.

How did the idea for this project come about?

Value Your Network starts from a simple observation: nothing is more effective than a person who recommends a brand or a service to a loved one, and the privileged space to do so is social networks.

For advertisers, faced with the profusion of advertising messages and the increase in adblocking, the idea is to allow their messages to emerge and amplify, by having them relayed by targeted users on social networks, on their behalf, and thus benefit from the power of social recommendation.

In terms of influencers, we respond to a very simple need: to create and share rewarding and targeted content (new product, event, etc.) related to your centers of interest, passions or expertise, while supplementing your income.

The initial idea is to address the “everyday influencers”: active users of social networks, who do not necessarily have a very large audience, but who on their scale, have an influence in their field. It’s kind of the “long tail of influence” that Value Your Network aims for.

What are the news / news from your startup in the coming months?

Each social network has its specificity in terms of use and target and thus meets different objectives for advertisers. Our goal is to enhance the value of most social networks, which is why, after Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, we have just integrated Instagram into our device and other social networks will follow in the coming months.

About Value Your Network

Find Value Your Network on their website: www.valueyournetwork.com/fr/annonceur

But also on social networks:

Grandstand: The potential of the long tail of influencers.

long tail influencers

Influence marketing makes sense when you know the importance of recommendation and word of mouth on social networks(1) :

  • 78% of consumers trust the recommendation of their peers
    (vs. 14% of brands).
  • 55% of Facebook users are influenced by the opinions of their loved ones in their purchase decision.
  • 40% of members of social networks have discovered a brand through social networks.

When influencers relay a message, beyond the strength of the message, it is for the brand a native and organic communication. It is a message personalized by influencers and shared with their networks on their behalf. The message is not an additional advertisement in a thread or timeline, and therefore has a far greater impact.

Influencers can be divided along two axes:

  • audience, that is, the number of people they can influence;
  • the degree of influence, that is to say their power of recommendation, often linked to a domain.

Until now, influencer marketing has mainly focused on “popular” influencers who have a high profile and who are followed because they are known (movie star, sports star, etc.), or “top influencers” Who, in addition to being known, have recognized expertise in the field concerned.

The long tail of influencers

But we forget the potential of “the long tail of influencers”, those who do not necessarily have a large audience but who have a very significant recommendation power in their areas of expertise with their friends or acquaintances. Each on his own scale is an influencer in his field. Fashion, beauty, automotive, sport, travel, outing, technologies,… we listen to them when they talk about their passion or their expertise, which allows them to be able to recommend or prescribe.

They are the “everyday influencers”, those who are faced with “real life”, clients or potential clients. Combined, these influencers represent a very important power of recommendation and word of mouth on social networks.

Value Your Network makes it possible to address this new segment of influencers, connecting advertisers with these very numerous but effective influencers, in a targeted manner, with a platform that acts as a trusted third party, ensuring the qualitative dissemination of messages, validation and remuneration of influencers.

(1) Sources: Forrester, Power Review, Nielsen