If personal and professional uses of social networks are distinguished in many ways, individuals and entrepreneurs meet on one point: the management of a Twitter or Facebook account, or both, takes time. Here are 3 tips to optimize the management of your professional social networks, and focus on what matters to you: developing your business…

1 – Design a global content strategy

In the professional context, social networks are not used alone. To be effective, they must be integrated into a comprehensive content marketing strategy and become tools to promote your content.

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Before choosing the social networks in which you invest, you must therefore design a content marketing strategy. This allows you to define the objectives of your marketing campaign, but also the types of content to produce.

These semantically rich contents promote the natural referencing of your business blog; but promotional tools must complement the device to bring more traffic to your site.

Once your content is published on your website or corporate blog, social media should be used to promote it. If there are other content promotion tools, social networks can boost traffic to your site thanks to their viral potential: do not neglect them!

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2 – Determine an editorial schedule

As we saw in the previous section, social media must be used for a global marketing strategy. They therefore intervene after several stages (definition of objectives, typology of content to publish, production of content), during which you can easily lose ground.

A tool allows you to record all of your content marketing actions, and thus manage your publications on social networks: the editorial calendar.

In an editorial calendar, you can see all the planned publications, specifying the type of content and the objectives. A column dedicated to social networks will also allow you to predict the corresponding publications on each social network.

Here’s an editorial calendar template that will get you started planning all of your publications today.

3 – Use a tool dedicated to the management of social networks

Several tools allow you to plan and automate your publications on social networks.

You have two options:

  • Your CMS allows you to automate your publications on social networks through a specific plug-in like WP Social Sharing for WordPress, for example. In this case, you can manage your tweets and posts Facebook directly from the interface of your website, as soon as the articles are published;
  • You prefer to opt for an online tool, such as Hootsuite, Buffer or TweetDeck. Once again, the offers offered by these sites allow you to automate your publications on your various social networks. If these online tools save time, they are particularly useful when you have to manage more than 2 accounts on different social networks. There’s no point in opting for an expensive offer if you only manage a Twitter or Facebook account – which can be more than enough, depending on the size and goals of your business.

If social networks are promotional tools for your content, their management can quickly become problematic if you do not have the right tools.

In the absence of a Community Manager within your company, entrust this management to one of the 5 best social media management tools and optimize your strategy social media without delay !

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