If you have thought of “automation” as automated … You have it all right. The idea is simple. You create your email campaign scenario according to the behavior of Internet users or the stages of the relationship with your customers / prospects …

Marketing Automation also gives you the opportunity to perform cross channel campaigns. You can, for example, send a text message to people who have entered their number. In this way, you are using a new channel that will allow you to optimize your campaigns and surprise your targets.

You can also manage your marketing pressure. A great way to preserve your customer relationship and avoid having a large churn. You can for example:

In short, Marketing Automation can revolutionize your emailing campaigns. Provided you know how to use it and what type of scenario to create to boost the ROI of your campaigns.

1 – transformation emails

These can be end-of-subscription emails to reduce the rate of churn / attrition * associated with the end of a commitment.

For example: My client is coming to the end of his subscription in a month. I take this opportunity to send him a well-defined scenario around several commercial offers so that he pursues his commitment and does not go to see one of my competitors. Because yes, my competitors will be the first to take advantage of this to assail my client with commercial offers that are all more attractive than the others.

But also … emails from upsell / cross sell, emails alerting the availability of a product in stock, sought by the customer; anniversary emails of the order

* Rate churn : customer loss rate

2 – Dedicated emails

Traffic generation emails on your physical points of sale to collaborate online and offline strategy. We offer, for example, a promotional offer to the store in the city inhabited by the customer to encourage him to go there.

“Hello Mademoiselle NOM, come quickly take advantage of a 20% discount in your MARQUE de VILLE store!” “

But also … sponsorship emails, social media emails for more follows / likes, promotion emails for applications to boost purchases from a mobile terminal, viral email …

3 – Original emails

Use video emails, for example. Either via an image with a play button referring to a video on a landing page, or via an html 5 tag which will allow your video to be played directly in the email. Ideal to differentiate yourself in inbox and mark the minds of your recipients.

But also… XXL emails to surprise your recipients. Horizontal or vertical, we opt for a responsive * version and we play on background colors, sizes etc.

* suitable for all media (smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers).

4- Emails dedicated to customer relations

Think of birthday emails to develop the relationship and show your attachment to the internet user. It’s also the perfect opportunity to generate a purchase by offering a promotional offer.

“Hello Miss NAME, YOUR BRAND wishes you a happy birthday, come quickly to the store to take advantage of 10% discount for the occasion! “

But also… welcome emails, post emails 1st purchase, registration anniversary emails, happy birthday emails …

5- Service emails

Delivery tracking emails to allow the user to follow all the steps from the departure from the warehouse to the actual delivery to his home. You also avoid too many calls from worried customers to your call center…

But also … reimbursement confirmation emails to reassure and re-hire, acknowledgment emails …

6- Reminder emails

Develop follow-up emails on cart abandonments. The loss rate of Internet users is high between basketing and processing (more than 50%).

However, the user was really interested in the product in the basket but different brakes (the price often) arise. It must therefore be won back. Either by insisting on the quality of service (fast delivery, product return, etc.), or by mentioning an emergency due to limited stocks, for example, or by offering shipping costs to convert your hot prospect.

But also… post-visit reminders, non-opener / non-clicker reminders, etc.

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