▷ Marketing automation, RGPD, Smart data: email marketing at E-marketing 2019 2020 -

Almost 1 year after the implementation of the GDPR, what about in 2019. Email marketing remains one of the most effective levers in terms of digital communication. Automation, GDPR, Smart Data… We have selected for you the conferences not to be missed this year at the E-marketing show in this thematic…


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Here is a selection of lectures that will help you gain a clearer picture of current trends in email marketing.

Marketing automation at the service of digital loyalty

Today’s customers are increasingly volatile as behavior changes with the tools made available to new technologies. On the other hand, the marketing rules have not changed, a new customer always costs more than an existing customer. You will discover marketing automation techniques and tools in this free conference.

SMART DATA FOR LEAD – Data quality issues and processing

Data, whether big, smart or trivial, is at the heart of our business and its quality is one of the essential keys to the performance of our organizations. This conference will show you how to SMARTly enrich your databases.

E-mail Marketing: the art of standing out to generate 2x more income

Today, a consumer ignores 98% of the advertising messages to which he is exposed every day. So how do you make an impression? How to vibrate your contacts to really engage them? What content should be promoted to reinforce this famous customer experience? Disrupt your marketing campaigns to make your emails more attractive and finally make a difference!

Vitamin your emails with interactive content to improve the engagement of your recipients: uses cases & tips

Years go by and email remains the most effective digital channel. Far from decreasing, its ability to innovate makes it an essential tool for any marketing strategy … provided that you master its workings.


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Opening days : Tuesday April 9 – Wednesday April 10 – Thursday April 11, 2019

Location : Paris – Porte de Versailles – Pavilion 4

Hours : 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday April 9 and Wednesday April 10 and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday April 11.


Metro: Line 12 – Porte de Versailles station

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