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Reech, an influencer marketing solution, has just published an interesting study on influencer marketing. There is a lot of information on the relationship between influencers and brands. What types of influencers are favored during campaigns? What remuneration? What budget? … So much information to see more clearly in terms of marketing influence

On the occasion of the Paris Retail Week fair, Reech went to meet the brands to conduct a survey to better understand their needs and uses in terms of marketing influence.

You can find the infographic below and the full study on this page, but here’s what you need to remember …

Even if some advertisers are not yet aware of this categorization according to the number of subscribers, the most sought-after influencers are those belonging to the mid tail (10,000 to 1M subscribers) and the long tail (1,000 to 10,000 subscribers).

Only 4% of influencers are in the top tail (+ 1M subscribers). Which is also logical, since who says top tail also says significant budget to integrate these influencers into campaigns.

distribution influencer marketing campaign influence

Even though influencer compensation is becoming more systematic, 25% of influencers are not paid for their contribution. For paid publications, some are made in money (18.5%), others in gifts (27.4%) but the majority is done with a mix of the two (28.2%).

remuneration influencers

In fact, this remuneration trend should accelerate, since 52% of the advertisers surveyed increased their budget compared to 2017 and 74% plan to increase further by 2019.

Also note that for their marketing influence campaigns, more than half of advertisers are not accompanied by agencies. But over the years, marketing influence has tended to professionalize in terms of both expertise and tools for analyzing the influence and impact of campaigns. At the same time, practices are evolving, it is important to keep up to date. Being accompanied remains a guarantee of efficiency and performance. In this regard, Reech and its platform can be an excellent alternative.

Last important topic : the choice of influencers.

selection criteria influencers

At first glance, we could say that the number of subscribers would be THE criterion to retain, but not at all, this criterion comes last.

1st selection criteria is the influencer’s relationship with their subscriber community. We therefore favor quality over quantity which can also avoid fake influencers.

To finish, here is the full infographic, also consider taking a look at the study which will give you more details.

reech infographic

Source: Reech Blog

Article written in collaboration with Reech.