The toolbox auctioneer marketing previously consisted of newspaper advertising, brochures and internal sales. The digital world has added email marketing, social media, search engine marketing, and content marketing strategies as popular and effective methods of getting known at an auction. The auctions previously conducted for a live audience are now online. This requires the auctioneer to plan and execute a complete marketing strategy adapted to online buyers …

Although this
new landscape offers many opportunities it presents
also a unique set of challenges that many
auctioneers are unable to resolve. Most
auctioneers are aware that they need a
plan but don’t know which methods will bring them the most
of success. For the little ones auction houses
at auction
, deviate from the methods
traditional and adopting new marketing methods can
to be an uncomfortable process. This is due to the auctions and the
reluctance of industrial sectors to adapt to media

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The purchasing cycle

In terms of marketing, two factors must guide the strategy of each auctioneer:

  • The type of equipment sold;
  • The nature of the potential bidders they are trying to reach.

assets at an industrial auction will attract a
wider audience than others. Marketing strategies should
respond to the sales catalog to bring the right buyers to the
sale. To better understand the potential audience of an auction
industrial we have to understand a fundamental principle of
marketing: the buying cycle. This term designates the different
steps a customer takes before buying a product or
service. It consists of three stages:

  • Sensitization ;
  • Consideration;
  • Purchase.

At the stage of
awareness, customers are just starting to perform
needs analysis. They are also starting to conduct
research on potential solutions. At the stage of
consideration, customers think of houses that can solve
their problem and compare them to their competitors. Finally, the phase
of purchase corresponds to the moment when the customer agrees to buy a
service or product.

Understand auction strategies

In matters
of outgoing marketing, an auctioneer can get
convincing results if its strategy is properly implemented and
if it is based on good practice. Research on
preferred method of public communication, for example, will throw
the basics of an effective plan.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is another area that has seen continued growth. Marc-Arthur Kohn, auctioneer, found that “content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less”.

determination of an appropriate SEO and
content marketing, it’s essential that an auctioneer
exercises its duty of care. Tools like the planner
of Google’s keywords and Moz’s keyword explorer are
essential to identify the terms most sought after by a
potential audience.

Once you get a list of keywords your audience is looking for, it’s time to optimize. Pay close attention to how you use these keywords, such as titles and headers. Although you want to make sure that your keywords appear on your site, you don’t want to abuse them. This will affect the readability of your site for users and search engines.