▷ Master the customer journey: 3 tips to deliver an unrivaled ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience 2020 -
The customer journey is articulated
around several well-defined phases: first, the potential customer
must be able to find you online. He must then choose you and therefore
make your purchase at your point of sale. Finally, he can recommend and
hopefully come back to your shop.

Consumers may already know your brand, but you will have to convince them that you are the best option.

Many studies
have already confirmed that consumers prefer to shop with
small traders rather than in chains, even if it means they
have to pay more.

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For adults
brands looking to stay visible, a top-down approach is not enough
more. Spending millions on global branding campaigns can always
be effective, but it must be part of a larger strategy that also aims
to maximize the visibility of stores at the local level. Your strategy should
combine global and hyper-local.

To create a climate
of trust at each stage of the purchasing journey (both online and off
line), it’s not just about reinstalling the human element in your
brand, but also to encourage positive reviews, engagement on networks
and word of mouth.

Creating a “Near Me” brand experience is important in order to build and develop this customer relationship locally.

Improve your reputation
means improving the consumer’s experience so that their journey outside
line and any purchases he made at your point of sale correspond
to your promise online.

When the
consumers search font Near me ’in a search engine, they search
a product or service that is in their immediate geographic area in order to have
access these products / services as quickly and easily as possible.

Do you know what makes them
prevents it?

  • Incorrect or inaccurate information in
    line ;
  • A bad point of sale experience;
  • Bad reviews, comments and reviews in

You have to prove that your customers can trust you.

  • Build a promise, a desire: provide
    as much information as possible online about when, where and how
    consumers can find your outlets;
  • Avoid confusion: the more you provide
    information about directories and platforms, the easier it will be to avoid
    confusion and therefore avoid disappointing your customers;
  • Keep your promises: make sure the quality
    of products or services in your points of sale corresponds to the promises that
    you had formulated online;
  • Encourage feedback: encourage
    your customers to leave opinions and comments following their passage in
    your point of sale. Also offer solutions to those who have experienced
    negative experience.

consumers today want quality products or services, they
want to pay them at a good price, they want to buy near them and at
when they want it. It’s on this new basis that the revolution
of the customer journey was built.

To propose
a ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience for your customers will ensure your visibility and reputation
which your point of sale needs to develop your sales.

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Dominique Despres : Vice President Sales England at Uberall, a leading local digital marketing company, Dominique’s mission is to accelerate the company’s commercial development on French-speaking markets in order to support all companies in optimizing their local strategy.

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