▷ [MSB show] We will reveal the name of the startup and the team that supports me! 2020 -

Last week, we presented season 2 of the MSB show, a weekly program that tells you behind the scenes of our startup. This week, we are revealing new information!

The startup is called …

First, we reveal the name of the startup and its goal: to transform your website into a good salesperson. It is therefore a B2B startup, which wants to help entrepreneurs to develop their turnover. Cool right?

Training & Co'm

The 3 “Markeeters”

Yes, there are 3 of us on this project, and there won’t be too many of 3. There is a job: taking care of marketing, producing content, helping customers, finding them, developing the product

We reveal everything in episode 2 here:

To find out more and not miss anything about this program, go to the MSB show website: http://www.msbshow.com.

Thank you all and see you soon for this crazy adventure!