Forums and blogs offer a good way to get links and a qualified audience as long as the links are made on subjects in line with that of the page to which we link …

Here are some free tracks to glean some links: locate forum discussions or blog posts dealing with your subject. To find them, you just have to type in a search engine the expression on which you want to position yourself then to locate in these results forums and blogs. Then, you will just have to intervene in the forum or leave a comment on the blog thinking of making a link to a page of your site with an adequate keyword.

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Of course in some cases, the rel = “nofolow” attribute will be added to the links, but in all cases, if the pages on which we create a link are relevant to the landing page, this will be beneficial to the site by bringing him qualified visits. It’s not just SEO after all 🙂

I already realized this for a 50cc scooter insurance offer on two three forums that appeared in the expressions I was targeting and the conversion rates were very good.

Traditional press releases can also provide links. We will try to have an original news so that the news sites or blogs take it back and take the opportunity to link to the site.