In recent months, we can say that the purchase of links has been talked about among SEO professionals. If at the beginning Google advised against only using these systems, in recent weeks the engine has taken action and the sites and agencies having recourse directly and sometimes even from far to the sale of link have been punished …

It started with a post on the Matt cuts blog that link selling was strongly discouraged. A few months later, Google blacklisted TextLinkAd, an agency selling links. The fatty stroke was given last month: many “reference” sites saw their Pagerank decreased because they sold links. In recent days it is the agencies paying blogs to make sponsored posts with links to the client’s site that have been in the crosshairs of Google. No business around links is spared. I think there will be many disappearances or redesigns of these services in 2008.

If a few months ago we could have doubts about doing or not doinglink purchase (paid link), today it is clearly not recommended.

All of these sanctions call into question the procedure for netlinking campaigns. By dint of sanctioning everything, one becomes suspicious of any type of link exchange. The techniques will therefore have to evolve and the services of SEO agencies at the same time. It will still take a few months for these techniques to be implemented.

For my part, I think that a link exchange if the two partners are in close themes and that the links bring a real plus to the visitor by proposing content or an offer complementary to the page on which the link (s) are can only be positive. I think future techniques should be based on service to the visitor.

To exchange links, we will no longer worry about the popularity of the partner site but only what the link can bring to the visitor. The quantitative will give way to the qualitative, the netlinking campaigns will therefore have to be thought about more conscientiously: goodbye to the directories, the links on sites with strong pagerank making the traffic take off quickly … hello to the reflection upstream of the netlinking campaign and to the multiplication of time spent.

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