▷ Netlinking: what is a good referral site? 2020 -

Netlinking is essential today to hope to position a site on the first page of Google, at least for the most competitive keywords. However, if a good netlinking campaign can be very beneficial and positive, mistakes in the field can be dangerous. In this context, one question arises among others. What is a good referring domain? In other words, what sites or blogs can you choose for your backlinks?

The danger: making quantity at the expense of quality

When setting up a netlinking campaign, the number one danger is being tempted to favor quantity rather than quality. Indeed, by analyzing the competition, you may have seen that their sites have several thousand or more backlinks. The temptation is then to quickly find the largest number of backlinks, without necessarily being very demanding on the quality of blogs or referring sites. However, for results that meet your expectations, it is essential to prioritize quality. The following question then arises: how to recognize a quality blog or site?

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recognize quality sites

Look at the theme of the site

The first criterion to take into account is the theme of the referent field. In this case, the link between the referring domain and your site must make sense. For example, for a plumbing site, the most logical will be to choose referring sites on the theme of the house, DIY or similar. A link from an automotive site would make little sense. Of course, by visiting the site, you can immediately identify the theme of the latter. And at the same time, you can also use Majestic’s Topical Trust Flow to add an extra level of requirement. And speaking of Majestic…

Consider the Trustflow and the Citation Flow

Majestic is therefore a tool, which will help you to detect the good sites of the less good. Indeed, this tool also allows you to know the TF (Trust Flow) and CF (Citation Flow) of a site. In theory, the more a site has a high TF, the more it is interesting. For clarification, a TF of 40 is starting to look good. At the same time, the CF should not be much higher than the TF. More precisely, To you the web indicates an interesting formula to define the relevance of a site: TF / CF x 100. If the result is greater than 80, the site would be trusted and not below.

In reality, it seems more nuanced than that … Indeed, the TF and CF of a site change regularly. A site with good metrics at the moment t can plummet a few weeks or even a few months later. In addition, TF and CF are Majestic indicators and not Google indicators. This is why some SEOs take a step back from these metrics.

Moz metrics

To find out if a site or blog is relevant to your netlinking, you can also use another tool: Moz. In this case, you can rely on the DA (Domain Authority) and the spam score. Here, the higher the DA, the better. However, the higher the spam score, the more dangerous it is. Whenever possible, you should then select sites with a spam rate of 30% or less.

Favor sites with visits

Another criterion that you can take into account is the number of monthly visits to the referring site. As you can imagine, the more a site is visited, the better. Indeed, if you have a link on such a site, it can bring you traffic, in addition to a quality backlink. However, a backlink from a new site or a site with little visit is not necessarily negative. This will simply have less weight, of course assuming that the site in question is of quality.

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What about directories?

You can ask yourself the question: is listing your site in directories a good idea? Many web experts claim that this SEO technique is outdated today. However, I would slightly qualify this statement. Indeed, there are still some quality directories, which can significantly improve the positioning of your site. On the other hand, the directories must represent a small proportion compared to all the referring sites.

Forget link farms

Finally, you must avoid certain sites at all costs: link farms. In this case, these are sites making excessive external links. They are very easily recognizable. Why avoid such sites? The first reason is that a link from such a site will bring you very little juice anyway and therefore will have almost no impact. More serious, a link from these sites bring a risk of penalty.

Now that you know the criteria for distinguishing good referral sites from bad, you can move forward with your netlinking strategy. In this case, several techniques exist to acquire links …

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