Nowadays, commercial strategies are no longer limited only to
product placements. More and more companies are using a
new process, the neuromarketing,
to increase the realization of the purchase by their customers, and encourage
user experience. This technique combines commerce and science. She
analyzes how the brain works to determine stimuli
that will encourage a prospect to buy a product. How? ‘Or’ What
do our neurons work when we have needs? How does the
neuromarketing and what are its results? 

What is the

neuromarketing is the link between neuroscience and marketing. he
helps to send the right message and the products to sell to the right customers.
Because each individual uses their brain differently, knowledge of
its target allows companies to use the right stimuli to push them to make purchases.

In a way, commercial companies design messages that will stand out in an environment saturated with advertisements. The main goal of neuromarketing is to improve the marketing process. This is why it is important to know the human brain well, in order to understand how it works, and to discover the processes that take place when we watch an advertisement, or make a purchase, and it is at this level that neuromarketing comes into play.

How to use
neuromarketing techniques?

Neuromarketing is based on three very specific values: attention, emotion and memorization. That’s why you should leverage these to get your target customers’ attention to your products and services.

Choosing the right ones

according to
neuromarketing, the choice of colors influences the emotions of
consumers. The color orange, for example, promotes decision-making. You
can therefore use it on your website to encourage your target to
buy your products.

Too many choices kill the

Even if consumers want choice, excess can discourage them. Through your products, you must fill a gap in your target customers. What do they really need? By limiting your items to the necessary, they can quickly make their decision, weigh the pros and cons and decide to buy what you offer!


is easier to generate interest and the desire to buy from customers
when they know that the products sold are available in all small quantity. Indeed, in their
letting you know that the stock for a particular item is limited, you have
the certainty that it will sell quickly.

the same is true for time-limited offers and promotions. The more urgent there is,
and the more the product is desired and will be purchased as soon as possible.

Emotions, that

that emotions have a big influence on how customers
perceive and process information, you can “emotionalize”
your brand or your products. For this, the technique of storytelling is perfect. It allows you to tell a story
impactful story and spark a unique emotional experience
with your prospects. When used well, emotions have great power
persuasion, and support decision-making.

Be visual:
use the pictures

we mentioned earlier, for successful neuromarketing, you
must sell emotions, experiences. For this, the images you
will be of great help. They are one of the main vectors

For example, if your shop sells bikinis or swimwear, your photos can represent people in swimwear at the beach, smiling and enjoying the sun. In this way, your prospects will want to buy the happy moments that you convey. They won’t think it’s just buying clothes for the pool or the beach.

Customers believe
what they see

is important to create a relationship of trust with your customers. For
that, you have to give them reasons to trust you, in order to
loyalty. You can offer them evidence
in good faith, for example, free samples.

other method is to tell them clearly that you are a business
reliable, or allow users to give feedback on your
site or your merchandise. In this way, future customers will be able to
consult and get an idea of ​​your seriousness.


as marketing techniques evolve, it’s important to find the
best stimuli to encourage your prospects to make purchases. The
neuromarketing is the best solution for this. Through this technique,
you can adapt your product and / or service offerings to
real needs of the consumers you are targeting!