Covid-19, containment, physical distancing … the pandemic has affected all sectors of activity. But with an adapted and creative marketing strategy, this health crisis is a great opportunity for brands to demonstrate all their know-how and boost their reputation. The proof, once again, at Burger King…

Brand strategies more creative than ever

Even in the midst of a health and economic crisis, brands are rebounding by adapting their marketing strategy to communicate. Airbnb’s new campaign, for example, offered surprising online experiences that are ideal for first virtual encounters.

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For its part, Levi’s opted for a very artistic 3.0 marketing strategy, while McDonald’s preferred a fun marketing strategy with his puzzle.

Burger King, an original brand

Burger King is not his first creative business transaction. Remember, she had already launched her quarantine recipe on Twitter, which was enough to boost her e-reputation.

Recently, the brand launched the Social Distancing Whopper in Italy. This new Whopper burger is made up of 3 large rows of onions for unbearable breath.

Even more fun, it offers a crown (the famous mascot king of the burger) but the size of a… sombrero ! Burger King did not hesitate to share it on his account Twitter.

You will understand, these two original and humorous strategies favor physical distancing one meter with the people around you …

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