▷ New features for the Google keyword generator 2020 -

Indispensable tool of the SEO during the semantic study, the Google keyword research tool is regularly updated and improved by the engine. The latter takes advantage of the summer to launch new features …

Merger of the two Google keyword research tools…

First big change: the upcoming merger of the two tools related to keyword research: the keyword generator based on searches (useful especially when creating a campaign because in addition to keywords it also displays bidding suggestions) and the classic keyword generator. Since the two tools are very similar, it was normal sooner or later to merge them in order to have all the semantic tools on the same interface.

Both services will be available in their current form until the end of August, after which they will be redirected to the new interface.

Improvements and new features…

The tool is first of all more flexible by proposing search criteria by combination of keywords, by website / url and also by category. The results are then combined to obtain keywords corresponding to all of these criteria.

Filtering keywords is more intuitive and offers a filter by keywords or by type of expression targeting (Exact, Expression and Large).

It is also possible to access statistics by type of source: mobile search, local search, etc.

In addition to these improvements, two new features are making their debut. The first allows you to remove duplicates. If a keyword is already present in one of your ad groups, a message appears to avoid you having to add it a second time. The second will help you manage negative keywords. By clicking on the modification icon next to a suggested keyword, you can identify the latter as a negative keyword.

You can test the tool here, note that the results will be more relevant if you are logged into your Adwords account.

Source: Inside Adwords.