Sponsored links – News from the start of the new school year on Google Adwords / Ads – August 24, 2018

Google has been increasing the visibility of Adwords ads for several years at the expense of that of SEO results. As this is his livelihood, we can understand 🙂 But for advertisers, we must adapt and be always more demanding on the management of Adwords campaigns as well as on writing ads and extensions …

Quick summary on the evolution of Adwords ads since 2016

  • We had the transition to 4 ads instead of 3 in 2016 at the top of the page as well as the deletion of the ads that were on the right in favor of the addition of shopping;
  • We then added the ever-increasing number of ad extensions: price extensions, hooks, promotions, site extracts, etc .;
  • Then there was an increase in the content of the ad with the addition of a headline 2;
  • And now, surprised by creating a new ad, I see the appearance of a title 3 and a description 2!

The new Adwords announcements for the start of 2018

Here’s what it looks like in Adwords when the ad was created:

google loves me workshop banner

new adwords back to school

I don’t yet have a visualization on a result, but that adds 2 more lines to the Adwords preview. If all the advertisers set it up, it will make 8 more lines for Adwords. We can therefore imagine the benefit for the visibility of its Adwords ads, but a potential drop in clicks on natural results.

For the moment on my test, I have seen the description 2, but not the title 3. So see how it will evolve 🙂