▷ New Google Adwords extensions coming soon 2020 -

Still looking to improve your CTR (click through rate)? Here are the next new features that could (still) allow you to improve your sponsored link campaigns …

As a reminder, the CTR (Click Through Rate) corresponds to the number of clicks on your ad divided by the number of displays. A high CTR is a good indication of the relevance of your ads and also contributes to the level of quality and therefore to the price paid.

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Review extension or addition of quote

Allows you to add a customer or consumer notice to their advertisement.

It will of course have to have the authorization of his client to be able to use his opinion!


The advantages of this extension:

  1. Reinforcement of the advertiser’s reliability and brand image;
  2. Optimization of conversions, particularly for Commerce & HoResCa (Hotel-Restaurant-Café) advertisers, a sector in which consumer opinions are an undeniable asset.

Image extension

Many have been impatiently awaiting her, she is coming! According to the first beta versions, 3 images would appear in your ad when it appears in Premium.


The advantages of this extension:

  1. The CTR will ignite because this announcement will attract much more attention than its competitors without a visual;
  2. No need to be on Google Merchant Center. You will find yourself on an equal footing with PLA (Products Listing Ads) or Product Listing Ads.

There is no doubt that these new extensions will be a new playground for Adwords managers: more and more extensions, new strategies to implement!