Campaigns on the Google Adwords content network allow you to position yourself on sites in a contextual manner in relation to a list of keywords. Until now, we could either target the campaign by keywords or target it by sites. Now we can combine the two targeting via the same campaign. We can thus bid on a particular site …

The advantages of both types of Adwords content campaigns are thus combined. In the same ad group, you can target both via keywords while favoring certain sites in the content network (for example those with the best performance in terms of transformation) by giving a higher bid on them.

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There are two possibilities to take advantage of this new feature:

1 – Have specific auctions on certain sites : Example: you launch a campaign on a panel of keywords with a fixed bid for all the sites (1 € for example). A few weeks after the launch, you make a performance report from different sites. You thus identify the sites bringing you the best ROI. You then raise the high-performance sites (€ 2) and lower the bids of the other sites (€ 0.50).

2 – Customize ad texts based on performance : Example: after a report, you notice that your ads are often displayed on a forum dealing with a specific subject. You can then create an ad group with only the keywords showing the announcements on this forum and personalize the announcement according to the subject of this one.

This new option only affects content-only campaigns, it allows to have a better control of your ROI on the content network which is deemed to be less efficient than the search network.

Source: Inside Adwords.