When you have expertise in a field, launching a training offer can be a great way to develop your business and monetize your expertise. However, the steps to create a training organization may seem obscure. This is why we are launching several training courses today to help you see more clearly in the creation, promotion and digitalization of your training offer, all in a quality approach …

From the creation of your first training, to the orientation of your customers in the various financing devices, through learning the pedagogy and the digitalization of your training offer (e-learning), we wanted this journey as complete as possible. The whole divided into different modules so that you can have a training REALLY personalized to your needs.

2 training courses and 7 modules to create and digitize your training organization

With our training course to become a trainer, you are guaranteed to have a global vision and to do complete your training offer project.

Understand how to create your own organization, set up educational programs for effective training, understand the different possibilities for funding training to orient your clients adequately, conduct training properly, adopt a quality approach, etc. Creating a training organization requires a certain number of skills but also an understanding of the training market which can be very complex at first.

We have created this training course to make you benefit from our experience on the subject and make you save precious time in launching your trainer activity.

And if you want to digitize your training offer, offer e-learning formats and learn how to sell your training on the Internet, our “Digitize your training offer” modules are made for you.

The advantages of our training

  • All the steps from A to Z to obtain his trainer activity declaration number;
  • Information to properly explain to its clients the different financing possibilities;
  • Explanations to see more clearly to put your training organization on DataDock and Pole Emploi;
  • Strategies to perpetuate its training offer and engage in a quality process essential for a long-term vision;
  • Good practices for running training sessions effectively;
  • Promotion techniques to develop your turnover linked to your activity as a trainer;
  • Techniques to set up an online training activity and sell on the Internet.

Our training courses “become a trainer and create a training organization”

The course “become a trainer and create your training organization” is made up of 3 modules to launch your training activity. Click on the module title to access the full program.

Module 1: Create and reference your training organization (2 days: January 21 and 22, 2019)

Module 2: Design and deliver training effectively (1 day: January 28, 2019)

Module 3: Promote and develop your training offer (1 day: January 29, 2019)

Our training courses “digitize your training offer”

Do you already have a training offer and want to digitize it to develop your activity? Follow our course “Digitize your training offer” composed of 4 independent modules.

Module 4: Designing a sustainable business idea (2 days: November 26-27, 2018)

Module 5: Create and distribute your online training (2 days: November 28 and 29, 2018)

Module 6: Create your sales tunnel to develop your activity (2 days: December 10 and 11, 2018)

Module 7: Set up your online training sales strategy (2 days: December 12 and 13, 2018)

Note that modules 4 and 6 can also be relevant regardless of your activity (training or not).

More info: price, taking charge of your training …

Our training courses are aimed at an audience of experts and consultants wishing to transmit their knowledge via a training offer. For a better follow-up of the course, it is preferable to have a first idea of ​​training offer to develop.

Rates according to the number of days

  • 1 to 2 days: 700 € HT / Day
  • 3 days: 2000 € HT
  • 4 days: 2400 € HT
  • 6 days: 3300 € HT
  • 8 days 4000 € HT
  • The 2 whole courses, i.e. 12 days: 6000 €

Note that we have discounts for job seekers and entrepreneurs, contact us for more information.


Our training can be supported as appropriate by your OPCA, your company’s training plan, or even Pôle Emploi.

They are referenced on DataDock (for OPCAs) and Kairos for the Pôle Emploi. We can help you if necessary to see more clearly for your training rights, contact us!

web marketing training referenced Datadock and Pole emploi

Quality approach

consultant trainer web marketing icpf psiIn order to deploy quality training, our trainers are ICPF & PSI certified (Institute for the Certification of Professionals in Training and the Provision of Intellectual Service). We are committed to a continuous quality approach to offer programs that are always better suited to your expectations.

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