▷ Next step in TikTok's development? Cooking recipes! 2021 -

TikTok is considering the next step in its development: giving content creators options to monetize their content through short videos. The social platform has indeed started to deploy a new integration with the Whisk recipe application.

More possibilities for content creators

Creators of cooking videos will be able to add a link to the corresponding recipe via a call to action “See the complete recipe”, which is superimposed on the video.

Trainer training

This gives more opportunities for food creators to drive traffic to their Whisk profile and grow their audience, while helping to increase traffic for the recipe app.

The button (still in the testing phase with some users) was first spotted on the TikTok @feelgoodfoodie account.

He’s also already featured on one of TikTok’s top culinary designer profiles, The Korean Vegan, aka Joanne L. Molinaro.

On the user side, there is a video on the app which includes the new button “View Full Recipe.” The button appears just above the creator’s name and description of the video at the bottom left of the screen. When you tap on it, you are taken to a Whiskey page where you can see photos of recipes, ingredients, and choose to save the recipe if you are a Whiskey user. All of this takes place while staying in the TikTok app.

On the creator’s side, the button is added during the publication workflow via a new option “add a link”.

This might be just the start, as TikTok may soon facilitate more linking options, to other apps or URLs, giving users even more ways to increase their business opportunities directly from their short videos.