▷ Observatory of Digital Content | 2017 5th 2020 -

For 5th consecutive year, the editorial office and content Scoopitone has just released its annual survey on digital content. More than 210 managers and employees of marketing functions, digital communication and answered the questionnaire, supplemented by telephone interviews …

81% of the professionals questioned consider that content is more than ever necessary for any digital action today.

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Other key lessons of the barometer:

Text is always a priority, but video is gaining momentum

If content in the form of text is mainly associated with the production of messages, video is increasingly used, on sites, but also on social networks and intranets. This is a heavy trend that has been observed for 2-3 years.

The content of the service commitment and the image before being directly contributing

The content is integrated into the digital strategies with specific targets, often measured as the commitment (51.2%) and image (12.2%) through the brand content.

Employees are increasingly asked to produce content, content “value added” is produced by professional

The multiplication of opportunities to expose information (media and media) and the awareness of the importance of content, require resources. They are found internally. At the same time, external providers are used for content with high added value.

Budgets increased in 2018 on a qualitative value-added content (blogs, newsletters, professional social networks) and more expensive to produce (video, expertise)

This increase hides two trends: declining with the internalization of part of the production (the costs are charged to HR budgets) upward with a need for quality content to stand out and more expensive to produce (vs. text video).

The summary of the study can be downloaded on Slideshare.