What do Apple, Spotify, Airbnb and Uber have in common? These international brands offer the best customer experiences to date and manage to increase their market share every time, in a very competitive context.

So how do they do it? If we take a closer look, they all offer personalized, innovative user experiences capable of delivering the greatest customer satisfaction.

Take for example the Apple brand, social media has many online videos taken by their customers unpacking their new MAC or their latest iPhone making this moment unique for the user and at the same time bringing more visibility to the brand on social platforms.

How can we learn from these success models? First of all, you should know that these user experiences are the culmination of years of research.

400;”>Social media is one of the largest sources of shared data online to collect maximum insights from customers. These international brands are not based solely on external statistics and studies but on the contrary directly analyze the comments and behaviors that their customers post on the web and social media on a daily basis.

Social platforms represent billions of content shared by your customers and those of your competitors. This data is precious for brands and cannot be ignored in order to remain competitive.

A successful brand is a social brand. Companies have every interest in enriching their customer analyzes and improving their products based on this reliable data.

Use Social Intelligence to create content that speaks to your audience

Brandwatch has exclusively developed a social monitoring and listening platform, Brandwatch Analytics aimed at helping brands analyze these billions of online data in order to identify commercial opportunities, new product ranges or even brand ambassadors .

400;”>Consumers who are very often contacted today seek unique customer experiences, personalized to remain loyal to a brand. To do this, you need to collect as much data about your customers as possible, study their behavior online to provide the best experience.

This is why Brandwatch developed Brandwatch Analytics to allow brands to analyze billions of shared online data from your customers and those of your competitors.

The Brandwatch social platform allows you to acquire insights about your audience such as when they connect, what are their favorite online discussion topics.

Brandwatch Analytics also allows you to detect brand logos on social platforms like Instagram. These insights allow you to react quickly especially in the face of a crisis as was the case for example this year with the promotion of Nutella jars by Intermarché causing a very negative buzz around the brand!

Analyzing consumer comments on social media allows you to bring out key insights as is the case in particular for cosmetic brands as mentioned in this blog where we can see that consumers share the aromas they would like to see used in their moisturizers or makeup products.

If you want to identify new insights in your market or your product, book a personalized demo of our social platform today.

Article written in collaboration with Brandwatch