If I told you that you shouldn’t not even speak to sell your product or your service, what would you think? In fact yes, it is quite difficult to sell without a minimum of speech … But today, I will see something else with you. We’re going to see a type of marketing that goes beyond words, beyond the product, beyond your turnover. Today we’re going to talk about olfactory marketing, and believe me … Feelings with a brand have never played a more important role than now. Let’s go …

I- What is olfactory marketing

Many call it “sensory” marketing, which therefore appeals to the senses. I prefer to use “Olfactory” to directly appeal to the smell.

This sense is very developed in us and has the power to create memories for us. This is particularly the case when you smell a madeleine out of the oven, and the smell reminds you of your grandmother who cooked them at home… This phenomenon is better known under the name of: Madeleine de Proust.

Olfactory marketing, precisely, it is to privilege the use of odors. These can be used in particular to alert an individual, make the universe more pleasant where it is located or arouse a memory (as previously stated).