In this article, I present in detail the different platforms in order to properly distribute your content marketing. We will differentiate here two types of platforms: those of social networks (for which I already published the article which social networks for my professional activity), then platforms of community / blogging types.

This article will therefore be useful for you to know platforms that you probably do not know or do not yet master, but also to help you make a choice according to your needs.

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In the first part of the article, you will find a quick summary of well-known social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Social networks for content marketing


It is the best known and most active social network in the world.

Facebook allows sharing of information, photos, videos, and music with your “friends”. You can therefore find those who are already registered on the site, but also invite your contacts to join the social network. Facebook can be used for private or professional use, registration is free.

The principle is simple: you create a profile, you search for contacts and add your own, which allows you to extend your network. Each user publishes information on his “wall”. This information is then reflected in your friends’ “news feeds” and, in return, you have access to their publications on your own “news feed”.

It is a crossroads of information where the latest actions of the members, the latest news, or all the links shared (music, concert, cinema, artist, photos, etc.) by your loved ones and their acquaintances meet. You can browse the site, communicate with your contacts, register for groups and events.

Advantage : It’s the best known social network with the most people.

Disadvantages : This platform is starting to be a little saturated and aging. Facebook practices too much sponsorship which tires users.


This platform is intended for professional and commercial relations.

On LinkedIn, what you will find are essentially companies and professionals who seek to gain visibility, promote their brand, contact new people, create a network or even increase the visibility of their business.

Benefits : It allows you to gain visibility, get in touch with new people or companies, attract people to your profile, create a network.

Disadvantage : This social network is more access to job search than the dissemination of content.


Instagram is a social network that allows you to edit and share your photos and videos from your Smartphone or even your computer. Each user has a “wall” in which they can display the various photos and videos taken and modified via the application.

Other users can then “like” the photo, or comment on it. If you use hashtags to post your photo, any user will be able to see it by searching by hashtag.

Instagram also allows you to follow a user, or to be followed yourself. This allows you to have photos of users followed in his news feed, or to be present in the news feed of those who follow us (a bit like Facebook’s news feed).

You can make your page accessible to all users or choose to validate the requests yourself.

Advantage : It’s the hottest social network right now.

Disadvantage : It is difficult to find a place on the network because of the present world (too much competition).


Pinterest is an American website mixing the concept of social networking and photo sharing.

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It is a platform for discovering, inspiring and sharing visuals online. This site works on the table system by category where you can pin visuals.

You have a search engine where you can type your keywords to find articles, corresponding photos.

The trendiest sectors on Pinterest at the moment are fashion, decoration, “do it yourself” recipe, travel, etc.

The functioning of the network is in the form of comments, subscription, sharing with its own account.

Benefits : Develop brand image, generate sales, improve SEO.

Disadvantages : The audience is predominantly female. This social network also requires creating attractive visuals.

The network is beginning to gain more and more scope. I think that it is towards this network that you should develop your presence, because it has great potential.


Twitter can be used in two ways: to receive information or to send information. When you subscribe, you receive information. This arrives in the form of a short message called “tweets”. These messages arrive directly on your Twitter page, this is called the newsfeed. Information is displayed as it arrives.

When a user sends a message to their subscribers, this is called a tweet (tweet). A Tweet is a short message which can possibly contain in addition to links to more complete articles, images, videos … but which cannot exceed 280 characters. And that’s the whole point of Twitter: getting to the heart of the matter.

Advantage : This network is focused on sharing content.

Disadvantage : It is quite difficult to have a voice when you are not yet recognized on this network.

In the second part of this article, you will discover the platforms less known to the general public to disseminate your content. These sites are very targeted and therefore interesting to diversify your content.

Platforms to distribute content marketing


Medium is a community-oriented platform. You can register for free and then post articles on the Medium website, along with all other registered users.

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It’s not a standalone blog, but a platform where everyone shares content. You also have a search bar to type in keywords if you are looking for articles. You can also post articles:

Medium is a really popular site and a free and easy way to increase your audience. It also has a paid part, 5 dollars per month and 50 dollars per year.

When you post your article, Medium offers links to other users’ content at the end of your articles, the user can be distracted by his links and skip your article.

When publishing, you can add images, video, links, article, etc. You can also deposit up to 5 tags per publication.

Here is an example :

You cannot post an unlimited amount of articles per day, as you are limited to 3 publications per day.

Benefits : Easy to use reputation system. Audience already present.

Disadvantages : Lack of options and personalization for the publication of articles. Unable to display your own ads and monetize your content.

If you want to publish content as quickly as possible with an audience already on the platform, this is the most effective way for you.

You don’t have a personal profile with a wall like on social networks, you just publish your article with your name.

It is therefore advisable to have your personal blog next to Medium. Medium should be seen as a way to gain visibility to promote your personal blog.


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Reddit is a community and social site offering content on many different topics. This site is rich in often relevant information, with a very particular eye on current events.

You can exchange on this platform on different subjects.

The platform has millions of users around the world who can chat around “subreddits” (subjects created by other users). These topics are created from themes like science, art, politics and many other themes.

I show you how the platform looks when you want to publish an article:

Advantage: This site is very rich in information.

Disadvantages: His system of “subreddits” is not easy to understand and not very instinctive. The headlines on this platform are more access to science and politics.

When you want to post content, you can choose where you post it. Either you make a post with your name, or you join a community such as: England, Europe. However, you must respect a certain number of obligations that the community imposes on you, such as “posting a news item not exceeding 1 month” for example.

In addition, when you click on the button to subscribe to a subreddit, it enters your profile.

Redditors (platform users) collect Karma points from posts and comments during their Reddit life. When you collect a lot of points, you are considered a trustworthy member.

Now that using Reddit is no longer a secret, it’s your turn to play!


Tumblr is a kind of social networking micro-blogging platform. As on social networks, you have a subscription system and people can also follow you in return. Signing up for Tumblr allows you to quickly develop an audience for your blog.

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Getting started is very easy and there is no cost to register on Tumblr or run your blog. You also have the option of purchasing “premium” models.

Tumblr is mainly known for sharing multimedia content such as videos, animated GIF images with or without text. When there is text, it is usually quite short (limited to 500 characters).

When you want to post on the platform, you have the choice:

Typically, users share a video, sound, or image, including animated GIFs, with or without accompanying text.

For example, if you want to share an article from your personal blog, you add the link and Tumblr automatically puts the image and title. You only have to add text if you wish.

When you post on the site, you can put hasthags. Tumblr even gives you suggestions from Hasthags.

Advantage : The platform is very easy to use for posting text, images and videos.

Disadvantages: It is a platform that is generally quite limited in terms of design, etc.

Tumblr is an interactive platform with an already present audience that allows you to quickly gain visibility. However, when it comes to the content you want to write, it is better to write short content. For example, if you have your personal blog, offer a long version on it and a shorter period on the Tumblr platform or simply share it.


It is a blogging platform where each person has their profile. On this platform, you can write and share articles. Registration is free. And once registered, you can navigate on the platform through the search bar or go to tags to discover content classified by theme.

When you want to write an article, you can add images, a link to another site.

You can also add tags.

Advantage : This platform is easy to use.

Disadvantage: Imgur pro has become free, but now there are a lot of ads on this platform.

Imgur is considered an image gallery. It is mainly based on the publication of images and therefore has little written content.

The best if you want to distribute your content is to put an image that you find attractive with the link to your site where you posted the article.


To distribute your content, you absolutely must be present on social networks.

If you want to broaden your scope, then why not turn to other platforms such as Medium, Reddit or Imgur?

Medium and Tumblr are currently giving the most results (and for this exercise). But you have to be a little regular on one or the other of the platforms in order to observe the results.

Article written in concert with Clara Anjos, Bachelor intern at ESG Toulouse, and iInfographics co-produced with Laetitia Claret.