▷ Once upon a time there was a French startup ... 2020 -

March 2017, England. 3 young entrepreneurs launch a startup. Classic, you say. Yes, but they also made another decision: TELL you everything about their adventure on video … It’s already less common, isn’t it?

What is this story ?

Above all, it is the story of 2 entrepreneurs who had an idea. Rather than thinking about it for months, they created a product to realize this idea. They then tested this idea in beta with their customers (they already had another business with customers who were the ideal target for this new product). They realized that the idea appealed and that people were buying: EUREKA!

A third thief in the adventure!

This is where I come in. These 2 entrepreneurs want to move up a gear and are looking for a partner: they find me (two of us already knew each other very well).

What exactly are you going to tell?

Because the three of us love marketing and telling stories, we decided to create a program that would tell you our story from A to Z: successes, failures, fears, doubts. We will also share the tools we use, answer your questions and probably have fun too!

Here is episode 0, the pilot episode that presents all of this:

To find out more and not miss anything about this program, go to the MSB show website: http://www.msbshow.com.

Thank you all and see you soon for this crazy adventure!