Do you want to train in web marketing? Develop your business or that of your customers via webmarketing acquisition levers, set up a REAL digital communication that will bring you prospects, customers, leads … or even enhance your CV via a recognized certification, You are in the right place ! Discover in this article, all the info on our certification training as well as all the dates for 2019 …

Certification training now eligible for the Personal Training Account (CPF)

In 2018, we worked hard to set up a quality process for our training. Our trainers are now ICPF & PSI certified CNEFOP approved and our webmarketing training course is certifying (registered at CNCP) and therefore eligible for CPF for easier financial management and better recognition of training.

Our training courses thus prepare you for “Develop your business with web marketing” certification eligible for the CPF (N ° 236097).

This attests to the acquisition of the skills necessary for the implementation of a web marketing strategy with a structured approach, more efficient communication, better planning of the various actions as well as monitoring and evaluation of the operations carried out.

Train and master your digital communication

During 5 days, you will discover how to manage by yourself the promotion of your products or services and set up a digital strategy.

These themes will be punctuated with simulations and practical cases during which you will be accompanied in the reflection and the implementation of your communication project.

The training week will start with fundamentals of web marketing during which you will discover the basics of effective web communication, the various web marketing levers and the web tools to master. You will have a complete view to develop a communication plan and calmly consider your marketing actions.

Then, the next 2 Days will be dedicated to natural reference, you will learn the main SEO techniques to generate traffic and especially ROI. You will also see the implementation of a content strategy, and the monitoring of your return on investment via the creation of monitoring dashboards.

The 4th day will help you define and manage the social media most suited to your activity and to have an effective presence on the social web. You will also discover the key indicators to follow on the different networks and also how to target your audience via Facebook ads.

Finally the last day, you will discover how to activate your notoriety thanks to the phenomenon of positive recommendation from bloggers and influencers. You will also discuss good communication practices on Linkedin to maximize your impact on this network.

Starting? Do not delay click here to complete the form at the end of this article. Places are limited, we prefer small committees for more personalized exchanges!

Who is the training for?

Develop your business, be more comfortable with digital or supplement your skills to be more competitive on the job market.

Our training courses are aimed at all types of profiles:

  • Communication managers wishing to be more comfortable with digital;
  • More digital profiles wishing to supplement their skills (example a community manager wishing to learn SEO or conversely a SEO wishing to better understand social networks);
  • Freelancers wishing to add a string to their bow;
  • Entrepreneurs whose objective is to develop their activity through web marketing;
  • Job seekers in the process of retraining;
  • All people wishing to develop web marketing skills!

Do you recognize yourself in these profiles? Contact us today to reserve your spot!

And after that ?

At CWT Advertising & co’m, we are true proximity with all the people we train. During the training but also after Training.

If you participate in our webmarketing week, our trainers will chat with you throughout the week to help you get the most out of your digital projects!

And after ? Do not panic, you are not alone, your trainer remains available via a group that we will invite you to join!

What does it give? 100% of people satisfied:

maud cornet webmarketing trainingI found the training to be well structured and very comprehensive. It gives a broad overview of the issues related to web marketing. It is very rich in information and offers exercises to learn some of the tools.

Thank you for the attention given to each of the participants, the friendliness and the professionalism demonstrated throughout the training! Maud, independent editorial consultant.

src=”▷-CPF-eligible-webmarketing-training-April-15-to-19-2019.jpg” sizes=”(max-width: 131px) 100vw, 131px” srcset=”▷-CPF-eligible-webmarketing-training-April-15-to-19-2019.jpg 131w,×100.jpg 100w” alt=”marie issartier, webmarketing training testimonial” width=”131″ height=”131″ />” I will take step by step everything that was taught during this training week to establish an effective web marketing strategy on social networks, with influencers and on natural referencing. It’s a very enriching training that allowed me in a week to make a broad (but quite precise and concrete) overview of the levers of web marketing and understand the different points.

I come out of this training more confident and re-boosted to develop my activity! Thank you for the professionalism and the patience to answer all our questions. ! »Marie, Community Manager / Marketing Assistant, Booksellers page

src=”▷-One-week-to-train-in-web-marketing-training-now.png” sizes=”(max-width: 131px) 100vw, 131px” srcset=”▷-One-week-to-train-in-web-marketing-training-now.png 131w,×100.png 100w” alt=”” width=”131″ height=”131″ />”I followed the intensive web marketing program in one week given by Sylvain, it was a real intellectual pleasure.

I highly recommend this training for the quality of the content and especially the qualities of Sylvain’s trainer. ” Martha, Marketing Manager, EDT ENGIE.

We give real follow-up to each of our participants, join us for our next session.

The advantages of our webmarketing training

  • All information and tools to be autonomous and efficient in its digital communication, whether for SEO, advertising or communication on social networks;
  • of the practical cases to better understand the knowledge acquired;
  • of the exchanges with a web marketing consultant with 14 years of experience;
  • After the training, you will also have access to a exchange group on which you can keep in touch with your trainer and continue to ask your questions (a real follow-up, we won’t let you go after the training).

Your webmarketing trainer

webmarketing trainer sylvain lembertI will provide the training week myself, during the week I will endeavor to bring you a maximum of knowledge and pass them on to you good reflexes in terms of web marketing. Good reflexes that I have been able to acquire in 14 years of experience in web marketing and digital communication!

Training in practice

The webmarketing training takes place over 5 days (unless you choose only certain modules) in the center of Paris (Réaumur Sébastopol). You will discover how to manage the promotion of your products and services by yourself.

Discover below the complete program of each module by clicking on its title.

Day 1> The Basics of Web Marketing

Days 2 and 3> The fundamentals of natural referencing (2 days)

Day 4> Set up a social media strategy

Day 5>

Morning: Create and manage a Linkedin page

Afternoon : Communicate with bloggers

As an option, you can also train yourself in the following subjects: Instagram, Facebook, content strategy, social selling, sales tunnel or even conceive a sustainable business idea.

Our session dates for 2019

webmarketing training calendarDo you want to follow our week of webmarketing training and prepare the certification “Develop your business with webmarketing”? Here are the next session dates:

  • February 18 to 22, 2019
  • April 15 to 19, 2019
  • June 17 to 21, 2019
  • October 14 to 18, 2019
  • December 9 to 13, 2019

Do not hesitate to contact us right now for the session that interests you in order to reserve your place (form at the end of this page ⇓)


  • 1 or 2 days: 700 € HT / day
  • 3 days: 2000 € HT
  • The full week: 2500 € HT

Note that we have preferential rates for entrepreneurs / freelancers and job seekers. Contact us for more information.

Support for training

Our training can be taken care of by your OPCA, your company’s training plan, Pole Emploi or your CPF Training Personal Account (Via the CPF number: 235047).

They are referenced on DataDock, for OPCAs and Kairos for the Pôle Emploi. We can help you if necessary to see more clearly for your training rights, contact us!

training webmarketing reference datadock pole employment personal account training cpf

Quality approach

consultant trainer web marketing icpf psiIn order to deploy quality training, our trainers are ICPF & PSI certified (Institute for the Certification of Professionals in Training and the Provision of Intellectual Service). We are committed to a continuous quality approach to offer programs that are always better suited to your expectations. Learn more about our quality approach