Today we’re going to see everything together
that you have to put in place to have a profitable online business, a
business that earns you money.In my last article on the blog, we saw that it is essential to have an internet business that lasts 10, 15 years or more, to know your ” Why “.

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Today we’re going to attack the audience,
more precisely how to go about it
find your target audience
. We must start by building bases
solid and then build on it like a house.

If today you are struggling to find customers,
that you cannot sell your products, it is undoubtedly that you do not know
not your audience. So how do you go about it?

Facebook groups

The first thing you can do is
to go to the Facebook groups on your theme. For that, subscribe to these
groups. To find them, type ‘group
+ your theme ”.

For example “group: online business”.
What you need to do is observe the questions people ask in
these groups, try to understand their issues. Of course you can
join discussions and answer questions by linking to your

The forums

You can also use the discussion forums. There are very good ones in online marketing like Webentrepreneur-beginner or

To find them, same principle as with
Facebook groups, “forum: your theme” tapes in google. You can
focus on certain categories of the forum and see which topics have the
more activity.

Yahoo Q&A

You can also go to Yahoo Q&A and watch the questions people ask in your topic. There are often people who ask questions like “How can I get more leads?” ”

Thanks to these tools, you can discover what are the problems of your audience and know what they are looking for and therefore target. You can use a search engine to ask questions that people ask about your topic using the Boardreader site


Finally, you can also go on the best
sales of books on your topic on and watch the comments
that buyers post about the book. You will have the comments
positive, but it will also be very useful to rank the comments at least
stars to more stars to highlight negative comments.

So you will know what people do NOT want
find in a book on your theme.


If you already have a small audience following you on
your blog, what you can also do is offer a questionnaire
Google forms. Google forms is ideal for that. So that your questionnaire is
useful, you need at least a hundred responses.

The advantage of using Google forms for your
questionnaire, you will not only be able to know your audience and
his frustrations, but also collect their email addresses. So it’s very
interesting! You will be able to classify the data in a Google sheet spreadsheet.

The quizzes

You can also use Google forms in format
Quiz. People who come from social networks are there to relax,
also, they are “open” to answer a quiz! And hop, you
get their email address by the way!

I’m not depriving myself: you may have noticed that at the end of all
my articles there is a call to action where I invite my readers to test
their knowledge of online business using a quiz: a good
way to add to my list of registrants!


One of the ways to explore your
audience is simply to meet them by participating in
meet-up, by attending freelance fairs, etc. By talking to
people, they will talk to you about their difficulties and frustrations and therefore
you will know how to respond to their problems. You really need to
soak up your market.


Finally, certainly the most effective way to
discovering your audience, their expectations and their difficulties is to make
individual or small group coaching. Coaching is quite addictive like
activity, but it’s really very effective at discovering the needs and
the lack of your audience.

For this, you can offer meetings via Skype, Zoom or by phone if you are coaching individually. To offer “strategic meetings” on your blog, you can use a free tool like Calendly

I invite you to really take the time
to do this work which is really essential to have at least one order
of ideas of what your audience is looking for.

Identify your Buyer Persona

As you will have understood, this work amounts to determining the profile of your target client, the ideal client you need, also called “Buyer persona” or “client avatar”. Here is for example the robot portrait of my ideal client:

You can take inspiration from this structure to
draw the robot portrait of your client avatar.

Find your position

If you have chosen a profitable niche for you
launch, there’s bound to be competition, see very competitive
important. This should not scare you, because competition is the best
indicator that there is money to be made in your niche.

What to do to stand out from the crowd and
to stand out is to mark your difference and find a positioning that is not
not that of your main competitors.

If today you want to start a blog, a
podcast, a YouTube channel … and you haven’t looked for a different angle
to attack your market, you risk having to settle for the crumbs that
leaders of your theme will want to leave you.

To succeed in this exercise, I invite you to ask yourself
several questions :

What type
audience do you want?
Know that the more you go
want to rake wide, and the more you will harvest tourists who do not know
really what they want or why they buy your product.

For example, you may not want to
negative people who complain about their fate all the time. Or people
who don’t want to invest money in their business. Or people who
are not ready to work hard to succeed.

You can therefore proceed by elimination for
determine the profile of the people you want to work with. So you have to
try to target a specific type of people and not want to talk to
everyone, because to want to speak to everyone is not to address
no one in particular.

So you would risk that no one
really identifies with your business. I, for example, chose to be
transparent and authentic in my communication: I do not hide that I am
a motivated beginner, but who is not yet an influencer. People don’t
not necessarily looking for an expert who regurgitates his knowledge as a
teacher in front of his class.

I’m a pretty good person who has
of humor. I don’t take myself too seriously, that’s why I use the
tu and that I use a little familiar language, Bigard, which
better matches my personality.

research your audience above all, is that you are able to bring them
a solution to his problem or his need and that you put yourself within his reach

An expert with 15 years of internet experience
may not be able to do this and may use expert jargon with
many anglicisms without noticing that his audience is dropped!

Do you prefer to speak to the Nobel Prize
hymnal math to explain how to solve an equation or
rather to a student who will show you with simple words how to do it? On the web, it’s the same: beginners
may feel put off by an expert and will prefer a guy who is just a
little above them to explain things to them …

Your values

Ask yourself
the question of the values ​​that you want to transmit in your content, your
. It can be: simplicity,
honesty and transparency, personalized support, etc. Some
webmarketers have very aggressive marketing, you can unsubscribe from this
type of approach.

For example, those looking to put it on you
full view with their beautiful car of kéké, putting you under the nose their
PayPal account – often tampered with – with 5 or 6 digit sales, etc. In short, the archetype of the “seller of
dream “what!

Doing this work by writing down your values ​​will help you
to determine what type of people you are looking to attract to work with
they. You will notice that you tend to attract people to you
look like and have the same values ​​as you. This is how you go
build your branding, the brand identity of your business on the internet.

The needs and passions of
your audience

Another question to ask yourself: “What are the passions, the needs and the frustrations of my audience? ” When you have identified them, write them down in the Buyer persona model here. Try to list between 20 and 30 different ones.

As you can see in this document, you can
use a interview template for
realize your personas.

You can also list their dreams. For example,
me, my dream is to be able to become digital nomad and go live in
Abroad without worrying about finding a salaried job on the spot. I want to leave
this country of m … without future that England has become to live life in
which I long for. And you?

Values ​​and benefits

Which is
the added value you can bring to your audience?

Again, you have to think about the
value that you can bring to your audience. You have to find points
that differentiate you from other online businesses in your area.

So what’s going to make prospects
are more likely to come to you
rather than others? Is it going to be that you bring them
exercises to do, whether you take the time to do email coaching or
over the phone in addition to the content you deliver to them … other points?

Draw a table with a column ” Value “ and a column ” Benefits “ and write down everything
that you can add value to your audience on one side and all
benefits they have to trust you.

If you
apply the advice I give you in this article, you should have
normally a much clearer idea of ​​your audience
, and be able to give an orientation to your business, know what
type of product created to meet them…

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