The impact of online reviews on customer visits to the point of sale is considerable! Have you just started your business? You don’t know how to manage your online reputation? Stay a few minutes with us, we will explain everything to you! Ready to learn more? It’s here that it happens !


A real influence for customers?

In the age of the Internet, it is possible to do many things! Whether online shopping, online rental or leaving reviews, everything is perfectly possible!

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But you should also know that customers are looking more and more at the different social networks that exist. Whether these are positive or negative, be aware that this can influence your future visitors. And for good reason, here are some figures that prove it to you:

  • Almost 64% of consumers are likely to look at reviews on Google before visiting a business or store. Also, these 64% do not necessarily go to see sites specialized in opinions;
  • 94% of people say that an online review has already convinced them to avoid a business or a restaurant;
  • 80% of consumers also say they are confident when they see a rating between 4.0 and 5 stars. Below, it is much more difficult to convince them.

As you can see, online reviews, whether positive or negative, are very important to a consumer today.

How can I get more advice?

If you want to get more customers, you just need to improve your e-reputation. And it’s not necessarily a simple thing. However, it is possible to act at your level:

Don’t buy a review
  • Never buy Google or other reviews to improve your online reputation. Buying avais can be very harmful, or even a lost investment. If you buy Google or Tripadvisor reviews, you don’t show reality on your product or service;
  • Ask for opinions: of course, this must be done in a subtle way and especially if you feel that the person is really happy with his visit to your home;
  • Respond to customer reviews: whether positive or negative, a response shows Internet users the interest you have in your e-reputation;
  • Use the short Google link name to facilitate the review acquisition process;
  • Once the opinions obtained, analyze its strengths and weaknesses. Thus, you will have better customer feedback, which is not negligible;
  • Relay your positive opinions. This will give more confidence to potential Internet users interested in your products or services.

The secret of a good e-reputation

For your e-reputation to be good, know that there are techniques to make it simpler.

Indeed, there are tools to manage in a simple and effective way all the aspects of your e-reputation such as:

Do not hesitate to explore all the possibilities available to you. Your e-reputation is very important and must really be an asset.

As you can see, the opinions left by customers are very important. Indeed, this allows certain internet users to know whether or not they will buy your products.

Having negative opinions is not necessarily a bad thing: not everyone can find their account. This is also an opportunity to improve yourself!

Do you have any other tips for reviews and general reputation?