▷ Online training to learn how to code and become a web developer [Promo Inside] 2020 -

Today, whatever projects one has, when working on the web, it has become almost essential to have at least the basics of web development. Beyond these basics, taking training to learn how to code can open many doors for you, whether it be a job as a web developer or skills to advance in your personal and entrepreneurial projects…

First good news, we have selected a course that will help you move forward. Second good news, thanks to CWT Advertising & co’m, you can benefit from a reduction!

“Learn to code” training

Do you want to learn web development? Are you a beginner or want to improve your skills? Learn to code and the training you need!

This web developer training is extremely comprehensive: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, WordPress… Everything goes 🙂 and the best part is that there are no prerequisites, you can start from scratch.

WE love :

1: Putting it into practice: As Richard Branson says “The best way to learn is to do! ”

And yes, there is no secret, the more you practice, the more you will progress! This is why in each part of this training, you will carry out a concrete project from A to Z! You will notably realize an online game, a form, a blog, an e-commerce site and much more… You will also learn how to create your personal site to highlight your new skills!

The best way to learn

it’s to do! ”Richard Branson

2: The knowledge test to check that skills are acquired through a whole series of quizzes.

3: John, the trainer. Despite the fact that the lessons are on video, we appreciate the trainer’s personality. His explanations are clear, even for the most advanced techniques. Big positive 🙂 And in addition you will learn in a good mood.

No reason not to be satisfied, but when you know that the learn to code training also offers a money-back guarantee, you can go with your eyes closed.

And if that were not enough, you benefit from a reduction of € 50 thanks to the webmarketingcom code which gives you training at € 99. We no longer hesitate at this price!

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The complete training program Learn to code:

  • Discover Web Development;
  • Learn HTML and CSS and create a website;
  • Learn JavaScript and create an online game;
  • Learn jQuery and create an interactive web page;
  • Learn Bootstrap and create a responsive online CV;
  • Hosting, domain names and putting a site online;
  • Learn PHP and create a contact form;
  • Learn (PHP and) MySQL and create a dynamic website;
  • Learn WordPress – create a blog and an e-commerce site;
  • Start your career as a Web Developer.

Further information

  • Lifetime access to all videos;
  • Quiz to test your knowledge;
  • Project to get into practice;
  • Downloadable project source code;
  • Certificates of Success for your CV;
  • Coders Group;
  • Guarantee Satisfied or Refunded within 30 days.

To register and take advantage of the offer, just click here