▷ Optimize your confidence with fast and simple techniques! 2020 -
“Relax by optimizing your breathing and relaxing your muscles”: simple, practical, to do anywhere and anytime … You don’t need anything else than yourself!

1. I work on my breathing

-I sit down, I close my eyes.

-I breathe out (through my mouth) and then breathe in: I inflate my stomach (like a balloon) and I breathe out through my mouth (as if we were blowing through a straw) Repeat 3 times.

-With my eyes closed, feeling the (fresh) air going through my nostrils.

-I breathe in the “positive” and I breathe out / I expel the “negative” (fears, tensions, stress, hassle ….).

2. I relax muscularly

Activate awareness of the present moment. I am here and now! By relaxing, I become aware of my body, I accept myself better so I develop better self-confidence!

-I quietly close my eyes (standing or sitting).
-I relax the muscles of my face.
-I relax the muscles of the forehead, around the eyes, loosen the teeth and unclench the jaws.
** I realize my completely relaxed face **
-I can, if I want, drop my arms, my shoulders, feel my hands …
-I can rotate my tongue in my mouth…
** I listen to my feelings **
-I open my eyes.

Repeat 3 times.

The two exercises can be done 1 to 2 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes in order to feel good!