In his book “Successful SEO – SEO Strategies and Techniques”, Olivier Andrieu defines search engines as “text obsessed” who like pages that have “text appeal”. This sentence already makes it possible to understand by itself all the importance that the textual content takes in the optimization of natural referencing …

Textual content gives added value to your site. With this element, you deliver information to your visitors, feed and bring your site to life when it is regularly updated. As a bonus, it’s the richness of this textual content that will make you visible and relevant in the eyes of search engines. As you can see, this is a crucial element of your online strategy which must be at the center of your concerns.

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To enlighten you on this practice and allow you to integrate it into your SEO strategy, here are some tips to optimize your text content.

What is optimized text content?

The quality

SEO optimization of text content starts with the quality of that content. Indeed, user satisfaction being one of the major criteria of Google, it is important to write and create content for your internet users in order to provide them with relevant, clear and readable information.

The quality of the content also goes hand in hand with its originality, because one of the essential rules for SEO-optimized content is of course to avoid duplicate content.

Integration of your keywords

When writing your content, think about search engines. You don’t write for them, but you can adapt your writing to get their attention. Integrate your lexical field of keywords for example to vary the expressions used and thus insert them naturally in your content. And you don’t have to repeat your key phrase over and over in your text, instead focus on placing it sparingly and subtly.

Today, search engines favor in parallel the density of keywords, that is to say the number of times a term is repeated over the total number of words. In general, the maximum recommended density is between 2 and 5% of the content (Olivier Andrieu).

The length of the content

The length of your text content also plays a role in the ranking of a web page. In order to understand the content and theme of a page, search engines need a certain number of words.

According to a SerpQI study (2012), the pages leaving in the first 5 positions on search engines have on average a content length of between 2300 and 2500 words.

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It’s still important to keep in mind the information and topic covered by this content. There is no point in producing length if it is not relevant to the reader.

An optimized structure

In order to optimize your text content, structure it using Hn tags. This allows you to get a clear and logical layout of your text, but also a highlighting of your key expressions with search engines. So take care of the content of these tags.

The content mesh

Finally, the insertion of links in your text also plays an important role. Internal networking is essential for your SEO, because it can demonstrate the consistency of your site by linking the pages together and giving them better visibility. Also, feel free to add outbound links to enrich your content and give it weight by providing additional information.

The benefits of optimized text content

Optimized text content allows you to achieve two goals at the same time. With a more efficient natural referencing, your number of visitors logically increases, but you also increase the satisfaction of your visitors thanks to the quality of your content. This quality content that satisfies your Internet users allows you to acquire authority and credibility in the eyes of Google. Let’s not forget, the satisfaction of these users is the main objective of this search engine.

Finally, optimizing your text content is a way to develop your notoriety. Relevant and visible content on search engines will actually be more easily shared on social networks. This will also allow you to get backlinks from other sites that have appreciated your content, a good point for your notoriety as well as your SEO.

To put the odds on your side and benefit from these advantages, the importance of web copywriting makes sense. Rely on a qualified web writer within your team if possible or outsource this exercise to a professional writer to produce textual content useful for your SEO.


Finally, “content is king” on the web for many years: it brings you benefits in terms of notoriety, credibility and of course natural referencing. It is therefore essential to take care of your text content with quality and targeted web copywriting for your visitors.

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