The Internet is the largest showcase in the world, it is the meeting place between ever more numerous Internet users and professionals with companies, e-merchants. In recent years, it has been the turn of physical places to seek the attention of Internet users to take advantage of the Web to Store. This trend aimed at attracting web surfers to physical places. But how do you develop the visibility of a physical place, such as a restaurant, on the Internet from zero?

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Creation of a website

It’s hard to be on the Internet without having your own website. Of course, you will tell me that you can always have profiles on social networks, be present on markets places, directories … But I don’t think that anything really replaces having your own website on which your audience is refocused around your visual identity and your values. Other means of online communication can, however, serve as levers for acquisition and loyalty.

You can choose to create a simple site, with most of the information and the possibility of adding text and multimedia content. In general, I recommend WordPress for those who have a little web skills, there are many premium themes very affordable given the quality of the rendering.

Creating a community on social networks

Social networks can allow you to create and federate a community around your places. This notion of community is very important because it is that which must bring together a large part of your clientele as well as your prospects. Through social networks you can develop 2 important axes:

  • Recruitment: you will convince potential customers, prospects, to come to your brand
  • Loyalty: your current clientele is present on social networks, so you can try to find them so that they follow your news and encourage them to come more regularly.

The main idea is to tell a story to your community with regular publications that reflect the values ​​and the universe of your brand.

Note: don’t overlook the power of Social Ads like Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads to quickly develop your community!

Referencing on Google Plus Local

Google Plus Local is the benchmark for ensuring visibility with a qualified audience directly within Google. Indeed, Google Plus Local pages are very well referenced. They will allow you to highlight essential information related to your activity such as your hours, a description of places, photos … Internet users will also be able to post their opinions.

To create a Google + Local page you must go to this address and fill in all of your information. Do not forget to take care of the writing of your page with your strategic keywords so that it is well referenced, at least on your brand name.

Regular content writing

On the Internet we often say that content is king, it must be said that it is through it that you will become visible. It is therefore important to define a content strategy, through a blog not example where you could share information on your company, on your expertise …

Remember to stay in your area of ​​expertise, this will allow you to benefit from an expert image and stand out well in SEO on key queries. A (re) reading of the basics of natural referencing is also recommended :-).

Integration into the physical environment

You are visible on the Internet, your site is starting to have a significant audience, but have you not forgotten something? This is often the case, professionals regularly forget to take advantage of their physical places to attract Internet users. Yet it is a very qualitative source of acquisition since you will attract your own customers! We can talk about Store to Web. So try to maximize the exposure of your site and your social networks within your establishment!

Here, through these 5 actions I think you will be able to benefit from a significant part of the opportunities offered by the Internet for physical places. What do you think ? Do you have any other advice? An experience to share?