▷ Optimizing your content: which tools to favor? 2020 Guide -

As self employed, to stand out, I must constantly stand out and be at the forefront. For that, I must take care to propose unique content which can be easily classified in search engines. The use of the right tools is therefore essential. Without further ado, here is the top 3 of the best tools that helpweb content optimization


1.fr, for an effective editorial audit and optimization

It’s a tool that will help you optimize the textual content of all your pages. 1.fr analyzes these texts and suggests some information to guide you in your optimization. If, for example, I want to gain a better position in search engines, the program will perform the necessary analyzes and make any modifications to enrich and make my more relevant article.

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Here’s how to do it:

  • Enter the URL of the page to optimize with the targeted expression;
  • 1.fr sends you a report allowing you to see directly if your page is well optimized for the targeted expression;
  • You can then identify other lexical fields contained in the page;
  • You can end with a location of parasitic or off-topic lexical fields that I absolutely must delete to make my significantly more competitive content.

Google Analytics for a whole multidimensional analysis

So that I can improve and constantly optimize my content, I can also opt for Google Analytics which combines many features. Indeed, in addition to the fact that it can analyze visitors according to their locations, their languages, the medium they use or the browser it uses, their demographic data as well as their centers of interest, I can also count on Google Analytics to perform a performance monitoring of my whole site.

Indeed, this tool allows to know:

  • The bounce rate recorded on my site;
  • The number of pages and sessions;
  • The loading speed of my pages;
  • The conversion rate;
  • The number of conversions performed.

Analyze traffic sources with Google Analytics

Google Analytics also offers Freelancer the possibility of tracing the origin of visitors. Indeed, it allows to know if they come from a direct traffic, organic search, paid search or if they come from another site. I can also see if they switch from social networks or even from a >email campaign.

Google Analytics for other analyzes

In parallel, I can also use this tool to make a content analysis. The latter makes it possible, among other things, to determine the most visited pages, their frequency of visits and the time spent by a visitor to consult them.

Otherwise, Google Analytics also offers a mobile analysis option that allowswebsite analysis, ads, or mobile apps. Concretely, it sends Google alerts in the event of anomalies, it makes it possible to carry out a advanced segmentation or exclude internally generated traffic. It also has a click map that identifies hot and cold parts of the entire site.

SEMrush, the tool that reveals all the secrets of your SEO

More than 4 million specialists in Digital Marketing, working in freelance or not, use this cutting-edge tool for organic search analysis, online advertising, backlinks or even quickly make full audits.

In fact, SEMrush allows you to:

  • The visualization of the best keywords used by your competitors;
  • Information about the arrival of new competitors;
  • Tracking changes in the position of different sites on the search results pages (SERP);
  • The discovery of your competitors’ Ads and the budget they have invested;
  • The display of your competitors’ advertising banners;
  • The display of your Ads on different mobile or desktop media;
  • Textual content analysis;
  • The location of your ads;
  • Getting your backlinks in one click,
  • Finding out the type of each backlink;
  • Becoming aware of the value of the site that pointed to yours.

In addition, SEMrush also promotes detection of technical errors within your website. Among other things, it allows you to perform a complete review of your external and internal links, to do your HTML markup such as titles tags, meta description and other HTML tags, to start a correction of your images poorly indexed.

The tool is also effective for take stock of your erroneous pages by providing you with, among other things, 4XX and 5XX pages which can allow you to correct them. And finally, the SEMrush tool allows you to avoid duplicate content pages to maintain the uniqueness of the content published on your site.

The main advantage for me when I use SEMrush is that it allows me to compare several areas and take stock of their positive and negative points.