▷ Ordering personalized goodies has never been easier 2020 -
In the age of social networks and influencers, we
might think that companies have abandoned pens, bags, mugs,
key rings and other goodies of all kinds, thus leaving the objects
in great difficulty in the face of the digital revolution.However, this is far from the case, and advertising objects have
always on the rise!

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The profession is however undergoing a great transformation with
the late arrival of online sales, which is upsetting industry habits.
Leaders who are able to respond to large tenders see
new advertising object sites like Cadeauweb offering thousands of
goodies to order directly online, in just a few clicks, with
clearly identified prices.

The search for a personalized gift is becoming more and more
more pleasant and faster since it is no longer necessary to ask
systematically a quote to the supplier.

which is obvious in many sectors, is gradually becoming the
normality in the object communication, for the greatest pleasure
customers who can surf thousands of goodies with an idea
very precise of the final price.

But what about marking ? Is it possible
to personalize the goodies yourself?

The creation of a photo book, a gift or a calendar
personalized is carried out online by consumers for a dozen
years on all photo sites like Comboost.
It is thus possible to position your photos, add texts and
effects, to create an album and receive it within a few days at home.

But this is still far from being the case in the middle of the object
advertising where only a handful of providers offer this functionality
because of the many technical constraints.

It is therefore now possible to personalize a 4-color BIC pen yourself with your browser, by downloading the image or vector files of its logo, the latter being most often in Pantone colors.

This freedom of creation offers new perspectives
companies, associations, communities which are not obliged
to wait for models. Position a logo, add an address or a number
can now be made by the customer if they wish. Before
even to order it is therefore possible to make models, to
present to colleagues, and move forward on a promotional item project by
all independence.

However, the final ordering process is never
modified: a good for shooting is systematically sent to confirm
the desired marking before production, which validates the feasibility
to be reassured.

The market advertising goodies is therefore in full
transformation, with new uses on the part of consumers and an offer
growing available to them on the web. The hardest part in the middle of all this
offer is ultimately to choose the ideal gift!