▷ Outsourced telesecretariat for entrepreneurs: myth or reality? 2020 -
Not all companies have the
need or the means to internalize a secretariat within their structures.
However, call management remains a strategic link in development
of his business. Historically used in medical offices or
liberal professions, outsourced reception of its switchboard
Now attracting more and more entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers.
Focus on a booming sector!

Outsourcing VS hiring:
which operator do you need?

Each company has its specificities for
which the organization around receiving calls can have a
capital importance. In the medical field, it is not uncommon to see
providers maximize profitability by taking multiple calls
at the same time and not hesitating to put their patients on hold. Do you
that a similar organization vis-à-vis a prospect who calls a
business possible without impact on the business relationship?

The job of secretary becomes more complex,
urgent calls are increasing, as are the number of customer calls from
more and more demanding.

Fortunately, some actors have
privileged the quality of service to profitability at all costs. The image that we
is making the call center based on the other side of the world is changing.
The stakes are far too numerous, in particular in terms of image of
the company. The secretaries
outsourced are constantly trained to the point where they compete
easily an independent secretary or the assistants hired within

What benefits to
outsource its remote secretary?

Regardless of your industry, the
relationship management has similarities: responsiveness and a first
successful contact are essential to acquire potential customers and
faithful. A personalized and professional welcome at each call strengthens your

When you hesitate between
internalizing and outsourcing your switchboard it
just make the right calculations: an employee at the minimum wage (on a 35-hour basis
2019) costs the company € 19,383, charges included.

Meanwhile on the platform side
conventional telephone reception is much more affordable and
customizable at will thanks to expanded teams who will be able to respond to
specific requests (bilingual operators, climbing or orientation
calls to services, more or less advanced support responses, management
agenda, on-call, appointment scheduling, etc.). And all of this together
correspondents simultaneously, but with only one call at a time per agent

Remote secretary, unlike
to a job, is made up of a team capable of responding to several
callers at the same time to reduce wait times. The 2 golden rules
quality service: one call after another and one call per person.

New services from
telesecretariat for Tpe and smes

They are new to the market but have
taken many market shares: these are the on-call services
telephone. Simpler to set up, more flexible and above all
much more affordable, these message-taking solutions allow you to
never miss a call again. They also allow your customers to have a
interlocutor every time, without falling on a voice mailbox. Here is what
you can find on the market:

Until 72h
call reception range
(for example for a
hourly range from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Saturday)

possibility of being
reachable or not according to the time of day

An account
call rendering
with each received call

Management of a
organizational chart
to transfer to appointees

… Enough to compete again
secretaries you will need to hire, manage and train to maintain
a quality of reception over time: recurring and time-consuming problems
in small structures.

This type of service is dedicated to
entrepreneurs and small businesses who don’t need to hire.
It is activated via the Internet and is managed independently: what easily you
free up precious time to deal with a specific work overload
or sustainable.

The advantage of an outsourced standard
standalone is that it is simplified but still offers options
customizable. And the proposed rates generally go down to 0.99 €
by call on services like Switchy.pro.

How to use a
hotline ?

You have a lot of questions about the
setting up a telesecretariat or a hotline? know
that there are hundreds of ways to use a service as flexible as it

For example, in call overflow, the
selected service provider will only accept your double calls. With some
more precise settings, the switchboard operators can receive your calls: on
specific time slots, only if the caller is a hidden number … or
without interruption.

Among the instructions to follow
by the reception agent, it is also according to your instructions: choose by
example of only receiving calls from your customers and only in case

Rather than constantly responding to
phone, your prospects will call the secretariat without even noticing
that they are not at the reception of your structure. You work without
be disturbed and keep the ability to retrieve calls to any
moment. You remain in charge of accepting calls whenever you want.

Increase productivity with a telephone call center tailored to
your company

The main objective of the secretariat
is going to be to unclog the incoming call flow and welcome
these calls received with great care.

As you understand, the secretariat
is no longer just for the medical office of the great
French metropolis. The auto-entrepreneur that you are now
possibility (and means) to carry out ad hoc call transfers or
permanent to trained secretaries specialized in reception
to the professional world.

A missed phone call is
potentially flying business. So what do you think when
average, one in four calls was not answered in companies in 2019?

The hotlines you
allow daily emergencies to be dealt with without being disturbed by
phone ringtones. Thanks to the transcription of communications in
detailed reports, you can make an appointment with your
contact person for a new call at the most convenient time, when you
are freed from everyday life.

Your telephone call center
processes calls received during the defined time slot and according to your requests
specific. It is a personalized service which is an alternative not
negligible: no social security charges and an hourly amplitude equivalent to 2
full-time employees (always for our example with 72 hours of range
hourly per week).

And my assistant
administrative and commercial, in all that, what is it for?

Although we discuss the benefits and
the disadvantages of using a telesecretariat service, rest assured
: depending on the evolution of your business, it is sometimes essential to
recruit for several reasons related to business development and
the ambition of the structures.

Call a call center or
hotline service will save you time and money.
Delegate to experienced secretaries whose job it is
improve your customer relationship and your brand image.

Meanwhile, if you have (or
wish to recruit) an administrative and commercial assistant, she can
focus on higher added value administrative tasks and any
general administrative management that your platform will not be able to provide
outsourced telephone.

Thanks to this organization, your
employee participates directly and daily in the development of
your business. Isn’t it more interesting?