▷ Pagerank: We may say that it is useless, when he is no longer there we miss him 2020 -

Even if we know that the Pagerank displayed in the Google Bar does not necessarily reflect the real popularity of the site, this one being calculated in near real time and being, from now on, only one factor among many others in the ranking algorithm. When he’s gone we’re worried, a good way for Google to put pressure on it to meet its Guidelines…

A few weeks ago, the blog lost 2 points Pagerank, I didn’t notice it right away, since there was no impact on traffic. It seems to me that Accessoweb had the same problem also a few weeks ago, it saw its Pagerank increased to 3.

I used Linklift for sell links, the connection was quickly made. Despite the fact that the code generated by Linklift is not necessarily detectable compared to other conventional links, these are spotted by Google. Perhaps thanks to a list of sites using this service to buy links. Anyway, as soon as Linklift was launched, we knew that one day or the other it would no longer work (Cf. Post Linklift the link purchase in French).

After a removal of the Linklift script and a request for re-examination of the site by Google, two days after the Pagerank goes back to 5. We will still note the good reactivity of the teams responsible for re-examination at Google.

We already knew that the sale of links was sanctioned but Linklift is still a good way to monetize your blog in an easy way. Even if we can see that the displayed Pagerank has no impact on traffic, paradoxically, it indirectly has on traffic. monetization of a blog.

Indeed, the agencies dedicated to blogs, for example that of writing sponsored posts such Ebuzzing take into account different criteria to evaluate a blog and offer campaigns accordingly. Among these criteria, we find for example: Alexa rank, Technorati rank, monthly visits, the number of subscribers to the RSS feed and very often our very dear friend the Pagerank.

On Ebuzzing, on the advertiser side, when defining your campaign, you indicate a minimum Alexa Rank, a minimum Technorati rank and a minimum Pagerank. As a result, after a drop in Pagerank, the blog no longer necessarily meets the criteria defined by the advertiser and has access to fewer campaigns.

So yes, the displayed Pagerank is not necessarily of much use regarding natural referencing but it is very useful for monetizing your blog and convincing partners for link exchanges.

It is in these situations that we see that the Google monopoly is problematic and that this has consequences not only in natural referencing but in a global way regarding marketing. Not always easy to monetize your blog, the sale of links via Linklift represented a non-negligible part of the blog’s gains, it is not Google Adsenses that will compensate for the loss. So thank you Google 🙂

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