In the field of communication,man is a product. His ideas, his image, his circle of influence, his convictions and his actions have value. Like a brand, a personality must first make itself known and appreciated for what it represents before being followed and claimed by the public for what it is. In this context, the personal branding is a human-centered communication lever that is important for everyone who aspires to be seen, listened to or read by the world around them …

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Speeches, statements, presentations, interviews, opinion articles, open letters or videos, photos and posts published on social networks, speaking publicly – regardless of the format or broadcast channel used – is a complicated exercise that every day becomes more complex due to the digital boom. Now everything is recorded, analyzed, relayed, commented on and then shared again. To express oneself is to take the risk of exposing and accept that even if speaking is controlled, public reactions will not be.

How to build a strategy personal branding consistent? What are the codes to respect? What are the advantages for companies?

Understand before you act

Before even thinking about where and how to speak, to whom to go, when and how often to speak, the first question that each individual must ask himself is the following: what is interesting in share? The starting point is background. The form only works after key messages have been determined.

Beyond the relevance of everyone’s opinions, be lucid about their notoriety basic, its credibility in his area of ​​expertise and his capacity personal attention to the public’s attention. For example, being the managing director of a large company or the founder of a start-up that is revolutionizing our society brings natural media visibility to these personalities, of course, but that is not enough. A status does not make an individual a leader. A leader is not necessarily a great communicator. A great communicator is not necessarily influential. To be influential is to capture the light, mark the spirits and last over time.

In a world where content is sought, found, consumed, thrown away and recycled in less than a minute, being quickly impacting is an obligation. The public is king and get tired quickly. Too fast ? Perhaps. But whatever ! He’s the one who “likes”. He’s the one who zaps. It’s not a personality, as talented as it is, who decides when the lights come on and go off. Being aware of this balance of power makes it possible to create an early strategy for personal branding coherent. What does the public expect from personality – and not what does public personality expect? Was this personality able to give him what he wanted? Understanding your audience and know yourselfis taking the first step towards success.

Innovate to please

To innovate is to break the codes, think differently, try, go wrong, adjust, propose and succeed. To innovate is to propose ten ideas and to retain only one: the right one.

If for some the watchword is “to adapt” and follow the movement to gain momentary visibility, for others, the challenge is to ” project oneself “: Create the real trend of tomorrow today, not to suffer but to counter-attack, surprise, offer new content that will provoke emotions, the desire to learn more and interaction with the public. Cultivating your difference, that’s what makes an ordinary personality a visionary.

Innovate to please, yes, but above all to capture the attention of the public, an increasingly difficult task at a time when we all bathe in an environment ofinfobesity which consumes our concentration capital. According to a recent study by Harvard University, our minds spend around 47% of their time wandering around in anxiety. in other words, we would spend almost half of our day thinking about subjects that concern us and that have nothing to do with what we are watching or listening to at a moment T. Are we an ultra-connected generation too often disconnected from present? Too little interested in what is really going on around us?

To become an influencer, using new technologies, codes, vocabulary, references, formats, platforms and dissemination channels acclaimed by the target audience is a mandatory step to establish an interesting connection with them. This connection is necessary to build a relationship of trust and generateinterest on his part. Interest is time. Time, in a society where nobody has one, is the key that opens the door to dialogue.

Thinking collectively

The personal branding is not the business of a person, in fact, “when an expert speaks publicly, beyond putting his personal expertise forward he also embodies the values ​​of the company, the institution, association, movement or project to which it is attached. All the challenge of personal branding is to boost the visibility, notoriety and reputation of an individual who will become an influential brand ambassador. The logic is simple: if you follow this individual, indirectly, you also follow the brand he represents, “explains Audrey Liny, head of the Influence division at PwC.

This solution win-win for the best, or lose-lose for the worse, is in a way an image marriage between an individual and a brand. What affects one will automatically affect the other. In this sense, establishing a common communication strategy and creating a relationship of trust between the two parties concerned is essential.

Bet on the right person, support him in the creation of content, prepare him for public speaking, give him the time necessary to appropriate and personalize his interventions, support him in his construction of personal image for the benefit of ‘a collective … behind each influential personality, there is a team of strategists who thinks, feeds and establishes their reputation over time. If in the end the leadership only represented by a single public figure, success, too, belongs to the world and the advisers around it.