▷ Personalize your customer relationship with VMS® (Voice message service) 2020 -

Do you know the secret weapon of marketing managers? Marketing departments are keen on novelty and originality. Above all, they seek to stand out, while having a good return on investment. With one in two customers reacting positively, VMS® is the solution they use …

The VMS® (voice message service) allows you to file a
voice message pre-recorded on your contacts’ answering machine without ringing
their cell phone.

It’s the original adapted media
to personalize and strengthen the customer relationship. The Neocom company
Multimedia has created and patented the VMS® to allow companies to personalize their exchanges with their customers with
a mass shipment to save time.

Why send a VMS®:

It is more and more difficult
build customer loyalty and stand out in its communication. VMS® is
the solution to capture their attention. Indeed, the interlocutor who will
listening to your answering machine will feel privileged to have received a message
customized. In addition, a voice message arouses curiosity. That
phone ? Who left me a message? Messages posted on
responders are more listened to, so the impact is even stronger. Make a
mass shipment to save time, get a good return on investment and
privilege your customers.

For who ?

All sectors of activity are concerned, whether it is small trade, mass distribution, banks, car dealerships, and many others… All can communicate with the VMS®.

And the opportunities to use the
VMS® are multiple: relaunch customers, communicate on an offer or
an event, inform, invite,…

An example of VMS® :

“Hello, Mr Dupont from the FIAT concession, I am calling you because I have the opportunity to introduce you to the new FIAT 500 exclusively during our open days from 03 to 05 May 2019. During these 2 days, I offer you the opportunity to try this new model. Do not hesitate to call me to book your trial at 01 XX XX XX XX. Good day and see you soon in our FIAT dealership. “

A simple approach:

Neocom Multimedia has developed an online platform, vms-online.fr, to be able to manage its campaigns independently. Registration is free to access the platform, and you also have a free test phase to get an overview of VMS®. It is without subscription and without obligation.

How does it work ?

Just import your
contacts, create your campaign, and record your audio. For
registration, Neocom Multimedia provides you with a telephone number with a
code to be able to record your message. Once these actions are validated, it
all that’s left is to program your campaign.

Neocom also offers a turnkey offer if you want to delegate the management of your campaigns: VMS +. For any request for information, you can call 01 77 57 20 20 or send an email to [email protected]

The keys to VMS success® :

Excellent feedback on
investment, time savings, loyalty

Automation, to go even further and simplify
customer reminders

You want to communicate but
you don’t have time: Neocom Multimedia launches VMS® Events.
The advantage? Schedule your customer reminders over a year!

This tool will allow
companies to exploit their customer file. The goal is to program a message
and distribute it throughout the year. How does it work ? he
all you need is a mobile number and an associated date.

If you have, for example
loyalty cards with the birthday dates of your customers, Neocom
Multimedia programs a common message for one year, but intended for each
contact on each anniversary date. VMS® Events is also used for
reminders as maintenance to be carried out every year, technical control,
a deadline on a contract,… For that, it is enough to provide a file of
numbers with associated dates and a pre-recorded message. Here we go
for one year of scheduled shipments. It’s a huge time saver and a
significant savings. Don’t wait any longer to stand out and communicate

For more information on VMS®, you can send an email to [email protected] or call 01 77 57 20 20.

Article written in collaboration with VMS