▷ Pinterest - a trend # 1 for e-commerce 2020 -

SEMrush analyzed more than 600 million pins to determine which categories of e-commerce products are the most profitable to develop in Pinterest. While many e-commerce businesses generally turn to Instagram, the most savvy of them also have their eyes on Pinterest. SEMrush, a global player in digital marketing and the leading provider of trusted data, analyzed the most popular pins over the past year, and classified them into thematic categories and subcategories …

At the same time, as brands experience a steady decline in referral traffic from “traditional” social media such as Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest referral traffic continues to climb. According to data from SEMrush, traffic to Pinterest rose from 2.7 M in April 2018 to 7 M in March 2019, only in England.

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more, the interest of the French for Pinterest increases every year. In April
2017, there were 1,900 “pinterest connect” requests, compared to 49,500
in March this year, still according to SEMrush.

main Pinterest influencers favor categories such as
fashion and interior design; however, SEMrush research has shown that
food, DIY projects, art and travel
followed very closely.

the main users of Pinterest, interior design is the
the most recurrent category (28.9%); and these are the room subcategories
most active bathroom, kitchen and living room. The
style-related pins account for more than one-fifth (21.7%) of activity
better pinners; and fashion, hairstyle and beauty are what
get the most attention. Food and recipes (15.1%)
complete this top 3, the most popular subcategories being
desserts, chicken and cocktails.

SEMrush also determined using the Social Media Tracker tool which were the 15 most powerful Pinterest accounts, based on criteria of pin volume and thematic relevance. It has thus been found that being a Pinterest influencer does not depend so much on the volume of publications as on the quality and targeting of the pins that the user chooses to share.

About SEMrush:

Created in 2008, SEMrush is a complete suite of digital marketing, approved by more than 4 million marketing professionals worldwide. With more than 30 tools in its software, research data for 140 countries, SEMrush is today a solid partner thanks to its rich and reliable data and its variety of tools for SEO, PPC, Content, PR, SMM, market and competition studies.

In response to rapid market developments, SEMrush is committed to deploying weekly
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SEMrush mainly supports marketing agencies
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