▷ Please note: your ego drops your blog traffic! 2020 -

If you want to increase your blog traffic, now is the time to listen to your potential customers once and for all. As a saying goes: “The person who understands the market the best wins.” Listening to your potential readers is the best way to create a virtuous circle for your business…

Because knowing your customers:

  • You will understand what they are trying to accomplish, for what purpose, how, where, and when;
  • You can give them what they want;
  • You will drastically boost your traffic and your sales.

It’s weird, I hear you sigh.

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Not yet convinced?

Super Jamie’s golden ears

Here are some statistics that should interest you. According to a survey by Cintell (see graph below), 71% of companies that exceed their business objectives have carried out a thorough research on their potential customers vs 37% who have simply achieved their objectives and 26% who have missed their targets.

knowing your potential reader has an impact on your blog traffic Source: http://cintell.net/2016-benchmark

So, any hearing? Here is the 1st thing that I am going to ask you to guarantee the success of this operation.

Take off your clothes


It’s not easy, but …

To know your potential customers perfectly, you need to forget yourself.

You understood me well …

Forget yourself for 2 minutes, forget your assumptions, forget your passion. Accept that your potential readers may have needs, expectations that may be the opposite of what you think. Compose with this reality and stop defeating it.

Did your ego just take a hit? (You are not the only one to have been in this case). Now, two solutions are available to you, here they are:

  • Either you decide to stay arrogant and you stop reading this article immediately (it would be a shame because no one sees you);
  • Either you decide to become more humble to open Pandora’s box.

Now that you’re in Eve outfit, use the following steps to help you better understand your potential reader.

1) Where to find your Pandora’s box?

Easy, just go to where your potential customers are going:

2) The Question that kills to boost your blog traffic!

If you are an “Agile”, sharp, broke blogger and you want to launch your blog quickly, this one question will open the doors to happiness: What is your biggest challenge with regard to________?

In case you want to know more about your potential readers, step 3 will meet your needs.

3) Patrick Jane’s mentalist interview

I have developed a questionnaire to help you master the mindset of your potential readers. Here is its short version presented in 8 categories:
a) Personal history (questions of the type: name, age, gender, etc.);
b) Education (questions of the type: establishments attended, etc.);
c) Professional experience (questions of the type: what was his first job, his current job, etc.);
d) Current situation (questions of the type: in which city does he currently reside, in what kind of housing, etc.);
e) Finances (questions like: what is his net income, does he have debts, etc.);
f) Private life (questions of the type: what are his hobbies, political orientation, etc.);
g) Character, feelings and motivations (questions like: is he introverted or extroverted, optimistic or pessimistic, etc.);
h) Business prospects (question of the type of business: what are their objections to your product or service, etc.).

Categories G and H are in bold because they are the most critical during the transition from marketing prospect to sales prospect until the latter is closed. Simply put, this is where it all comes down to.

Now that your information has been collected, you have all the cards in hand to complete the profile of your potential client and officially become Patrick Jane.

As a bonus

Below is an example of a successful profile that can be used as a canvas. It’s free !

knowing your ideal client will boost your blog traffic
Finally, I bet you completely forgot that you undressed. 🙂 It feels good, doesn’t it? Like what: “It is better to have good in the sun than bad in the shade” (Villiers de L’Isle-Adam). I’m waiting in the comments section to discuss it.

PS What I call “reader or potential customer” corresponds to the concept of “ideal customer” (Buyer persona in English).