The first month of 2016 has just passed and already new trends seem to be emerging. Whether it is in their ways of working, distributing tasks, communicating or selling themselves, SMEs and VSEs will have to emancipate their online presence, simplify their workings and rely on their communities to stand out from the competition. In addition to adopting the right resolutions for 2016, you will have to surf the following trends …


One thing is for sure, you will have to do more by yourself. But rest assured, it is getting easier and easier. The trend of “Do it Yourself” has brought many tools at your disposal, it’s up to you to use them! Today, an entrepreneur is very afraid to create his own website without needing to know how to code, automate (to a certain extent) his marketing strategy using software (ex:, and manage his social networks from from a single platform (ex: Hootsuite). And generally speaking, he can work almost as much as if he had an entire marketing team available. Customers don’t have to know it’s a one-person team.

Personalizing your marketing actions is also part of the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) trend. With the technological resources at our disposal, it is easy to precisely segment a customer base and offer a tailor-made marketing / customer experience approach based on the profiles targeted.

Access to an ever-increasing number of website templates is a factor in the expansion of the DIY trend. Today, there are many options that allow you to have a professional, functional and sophisticated site (Jimdo, Orson). On the other hand, the growth of these kinds of tools is leading to a certain convergence in terms of website design which will soon benefit fully customized website designs which will stand out from the competition. Those who adopt this option will be able to work more on innovative typographies, handmade graphic elements, interesting animated videos, and make their storytelling more visually interesting.

Simplified visual communication

The flat (no effects) and simple logos are the trend logos of the moment. For the coming year, we will see fewer distracting visuals; the graphic elements will adopt a more refined style. This will save businesses additional printing costs by using just one color and fewer graphic effects.

The ability of a logo to be easily displayed on different supports will also be an important element in the creation of a logo. So expect to see logos in all their forms in 2016 (a bit like Airbnb last year). Similarly, companies are increasingly focusing on promoting their communities and customers, and brand logos will be tasked with representing them in a variety of contexts.

Visual communication 1 Visual communication 2

The cellphone

In recent years, the main concern has been to have an online presence. Today, we will have to look further and make sure that your business is accessible through smartphones, tablets and other small media. Users are now prioritizing their mobiles to access information. Google recently incorporated the “mobile” factor into its ranking criteria, so for all those for whom organic traffic is a major source of income, it is necessary to have a “mobile-friendly” site.

  • Optimize your tools for mobiles;
  • Extend your digital strength through mobile and social networks.

mobile 1

What strategies to adopt in 2016 for SMEs / VSEs?

Investing in the user experience

  • Make sure that the user experience is the main concern of your company – at all levels (content creation, testing of new products …);
  • Keep in mind the different segments that make up your target and personalize all aspects of the user experience according to these different segments.

Think about video

  • Who says video says budget, but you don’t have to bet on flawless quality to start with. You can very well film a product test or choose the DIY theme to make a video at a lower cost. It will strengthen your proximity to your customers as well as your messages thanks in particular to storytelling. Your customers are asking for this kind of support that makes their experience more personal.

Establish privileged contact

  • This means creating personalized content according to the segments you are targeting;
  • “Tailor-made” is part of experimental marketing, use it to the maximum to give your customer the feeling that he is unique. Take Coca Cola as an example when he wrote the names of his customers on his bottles for example.

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