▷ Podcasting trends in 2018 2020 -

Before making the big leap in podcasting, it is interesting to know the current trends of this phenomenon to better understand it. Obviously with so many podcasts available on sites like https://likewise.com/podcasts, it’s hard to miss it as a trend!

Listening in the car

The first tendency to know podcast shows is that they are often listened to in the car. Why ? Because the audio is easy to access. With more and more technological cars, people just have to plug in their smartphones and listen to the episodes they want.

Radio has always been a popular medium in the car, and it still is today. Whether it’s to start our day off right, have fun, learn or just hang out when we are in a traffic jam, there are only good reasons to use audio, including podcasts.

You should know that podcasts doubled satellite radio in the car in 2017. Satellite radio has always been easier to use than podcast shows and has had wider adoption in cars as a result, and that, for many years already.

This statistic suggests that slowly, but surely, podcasting becomes easier to listen to in the car. It must be said that it does not hurt either that the podcasts are free (in the vast majority of cases).

Knowing this, you should know that often people will listen to you, but always in the background while already busy, like what is currently happening with television (ironically).

The rise of smart speakers

Another current trend in 2018 is the high number of smart speakers in many homes. This increase was especially noticed in 2017 and of course, it raised its share of questions, particularly in relation to its impact on the world of podcasting.

Much like the car, however, podcasting faces a major hurdle in the land of smart speakers, which is that it’s not always easy to listen to.

The first step to making your podcast more accessible is to make it easy to find. It must be found everywhere easily on the internet or other, including through smart speakers. But how to do it ?

In other words, you shouldn’t choose a podcast name similar to ten other popular podcasts, otherwise, how would the speaker know which one to choose? You should also not choose an invented name that cannot be recognized by voice assistants.

Obviously, with Google’s new plan, this kind of questioning may not arise in a few years. But in the meantime, you still have to adapt to the risk of losing a lot of potential listeners.

Seven podcasts per week on average

You should know that people who love podcasts really like it. Listeners listen to either the entire episode, or at least 80% of those they start. It’s enormous !

It also confirms that podcasts offer huge levels of engagement and that advertisers and brands should be confident in knowing that people are watching their ads and shows. Engagement is what any advertiser and entrepreneur is looking for, right?

Nor is it only the length of time that episodes are listened to, it is also the number of episodes that are listened to. For a long time, the number of weekly podcasts listened to by listeners was five. Today, that number is now seven, which should not be overlooked.

The big question many of us are asking now is why podcast viewing has increased so much this year. There is not just one answer to explain this surge in popularity, but daily content could be the answer.

Indeed, daily podcasts are shorter and often answer a specific question. But that doesn’t mean the shorter they are, the better …

Having a mix of longer and shorter episodes is just appreciated by the audience depending on how much time they spend at the moment listening to podcasts.

There are parts of your day when you may not have thought you could listen to a podcast, and now you can, because there are daily podcasts lasting about ten minutes. Having a mix of long and small podcasts in the podcasting world is the key to increasing the total number of podcasts consumed.

And on your side ?

There are also other trends in podcasting, as the industry has been growing steadily for the past few years. And you, how do you listen to your podcasts? In the car, with a smart device at home or on your Smartphone? Looking forward to reading your answer as always!